April 2009

The Bulls-Celtics series has been extremely fun for us hoops fans. We are now in the third OT in the sixth game in a 7 OT series. (I think.)

The Celtics are without their ringer, Garnett, but the absence of Deng is highly underrated for the Bulls. The zebras, the worst collective group of zebras in professional sports, are torturing me. But the Bulls, like the Blackhawks, are young and getting better. Life is good as a Chicago sports fan.

We just want our teams to play hard, and both do. Both teams not only do that, but are fast and fun and young.

Don’t care who wins, really. Too old. But it is fun to watch them compete.

Update: Noah gets a break, and the fucking zebras give him the foul. Horseshit. This is what I like to call, “the NBA momentum phantom foul call,” and even though there was contact, it was not worth a call.

Update 2: Bulls win. Celtics win Game 7 at home, but it could be a nail biter, and one never knows in competitive athletics.

Nominate a Clinton. Watch heads explode.

Only Bill would have trouble, and I doubt it would be much given the Senate math.

Gotta be a female, just out of sanity and balance, however. W/r/t Hillary, we could find another good SoS.

In the meantime, Obama has at least two more to consider, so his options are sweet. Three women would be hilarious, if only to watch the Old White Guys’ Club blow their gaskets.

This is funny. Brooks famously (to us political junkies, anyway) was somewhat taken aback by our First Lady’s periodic, or as per Brooks, apparently constant display of her own arms (!), which Brooks named “Thunder and Lightening.

At least according to Maureen Dowd, a Serious Person if there ever was one.

I’ll check around, but I doubt one of our King Villagers will respond to the questions. He’s clearly emasculated.

What’s most telling is that every dude I know under the age of 40 is not in the least threatened by a buffed female body; quite the contrary.

And some of us over 50 even find it appealing, not just on a physical level, but on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. Michelle is a sexy woman, and her arms are only a symptom of her appeal. I’m sorry that Dave can’t see it, or is somehow reduced by it.

Where to begin?

All right, I’ll try to take it slow. Specter will be a shitty Democrat, at least at this particular point in our history. He just can’t help it. He loves his position more than his party or his country. I personally would like a strong Dem primary challenge against him, just to make him sweat and push him to the left, and because it would be entertaining. (Yes, I’m petty and small that way.)

OTOH, the sweat oozing from the GOP’s leadership is just so damn funny it arouses me in the same way Michelle Malkin is aroused by the idea of torturing Mexcans. Purely progressive, puerile and largely punitive fun.

Count me in as among those that don’t see much but symbolic change. Yes, Arlen’s defection is a pretty damaging sign for what I like to call sane conservatives, who’ve many principles I support, including fiscal discipline (like Clinton had), English as the national language (language being the glue that holds us together), small government, as in ending or at least changing the WOD, leaving people to marry whom they want, getting warrants to listen to or read us, right to die, personal control over our own bodies, a pragmatic and cautious foreign poliy–wait, those only USED to be conservative small government conservative principles, back when there was SOME strain of libertarianism in the GOP ethic–in total, I’m a fiscal conservative and socially libertarian political type. For that, you need some sensible and articulate conservatives in the debate, since we’re stuck with what Jon Stewart called the “bichromatic rainbow” of American political choices.

Now, if the Dems can peel off one more, or seat Franken before his term is up, we’ll see some great stuff, at least if you’re a political junkie, which more people should be.

This stuff matters.

Update: Seriously. Your modern GOP. Votes, schmotes! It is principle that matters! That’s what people who fly planes full of people into buildings GET, morans!

Why doesn’t this guy have more influence over conservative policy?

I sure wish he did. He seems to get it, and be a good solid sensible conservative at the same time.

I mistrust (to put it mildly) unchecked power. The Democrats almost have it now. Not good over the long run. Power can’t help it; it always abuses.

With respect to torture, the Overton Window needs to be moved (! Just typing it is a wrist-slasher), and I’m not seeing any effort to do that. I wish The Talking Heads would start asking torture apologists if it was OK to grab the detainees’ kids, and drag them behind trucks on ropes tied around the children’s necks, since that would presumably be “effective” at extracting information. Maybe grab the wives and force the hubby’s to watch them violated by horses and such. It isn’t hard to imagine techniques that would be “effective.” Sadly, I prefer sanity.

Because I think you WOULD find a line, eventually, were these questions posed.

We just don’t seem to want to deal with the one that has been established by both conservative and liberal Presidents since WWII. It’s all very disconcerting.

…and I know it is going to kill me.

Nobody loves dogs more than I do. I will grant there are those tied for first.

Update: Not nearly as good as the book, to the point of some irritation for me.

This has been another shorter movie review at Beware The Man.

Update 2: And of course I cried like a baby, even though the movie was a piece of shit compared to the book. Fuckers. Manipulative Hollywood fucks.

The book ended OK. It closed the circle. The movie did not.


A right fine rant by my fellow Chicagoland blogger Athenae. (And people actually READ First Draft, which blog OWNED Katrina coverage.)

This lovely defense of the sane among us is in reaction to an allegedly “liberal” columnist who occupies some very fine pundocracy real estate.

*I* never lost my moral compass, and the fiasco that was our reaction to 9-11 was entirely predictable and classic Beware The Man behavior.

I hate being embarrassed for individuals, and I really hate being embarrassed for my country.

…as torture since there is such a simple solution to it: Waterboard anyone who claims it isn’t torture, until they say it is or never break. We could even have Dr.’s around for them, and tell them they only had to go through it 183 times, so they felt all safe and secure about it, a luxury I don’t think our prisoners have. If they make it through 183 and never break, their principled stand is good by me.

It would make the case pretty rock solid on either side of the fence. They either don’t break, agree that it was torture, or come out later and say they lied about it to make it stop.

Simple, clean, and decisive! We could even tally up the results!

It makes too much sense to actually happen, of course. I’m torn on the whole prosecution thing. I’m wildly morally supportive of it, because people should be held accountable for breaking the law, but the country is in such a mess I’m afraid it will kill us economically and politically.

Another fine Bush legacy, and another demonstration of Bush’s special skill at putting us in lose-lose situations. Bizarro-genius.

Update: Step up, Sean Hannity! Can I do the questioning? I’ll do it for free.

Update 2: Right on! Keith Olbermann issues the same challenge to Hannity! And puts some money where his mouth is! It’s early in the show, but it will be fun to see how this plays out.

Update 3: MSNBC makes it difficult (OK, I found it impossible) to e-mail Keith the suggested ground rules, which is too bad. It would make for better TV.

Anyone who doesn’t think this idea is a deficit-busting (just kidding, but seriously highly profitable) pay-per-view event, done under my direction, is crazy.

mistaking poll results as static things, or even moral/democratic/Constitutional things, much like poll results would’ve to ideologues like Maggie shown the majority opinion about interracial marriage, women as “not property,” or black people in the military, or *gasp* a woman’s right to vote at various times in the evolution of each social transition. Maggie would apparently think those poll results validated her bigotry.

Why she has a job spouting opinion makes me skeptical of competent (see? almost used “coherent”) writers.

Maggie must really want to eat some pussy, or maybe have hers eaten, finally. I can’t find any other rational explanation for her fear of teh ghey, for surely in her social circles she knows a few of the dreaded minority who wants to ruin it all for the rest of us. And if there is anything the last 8 years have taught me, it is that the louder you scream about teh ghey menace, the more likely it is you have gay tendencies.

I just plain don’t get virulent opposition to gay marriage under the principles of limited government, freedom for all, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness outside the government’s control.

Me, I wish the government would get out of the marriage business. That’s called, “a position in favor of smaller government.”

Update: Some ancient and relevant poll results to establish my point, which is, of course, central to my argument.

Update 2: Fight, fight, against the dying of the light, Maggie! We need you.

Is it just me, or do they seem to do an inordinate amount of bullfighting stories?

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