January 2010

We are faced with a serious Stupid problem in this country. It might be more destructive in the long run than our economic policies.

Can’t wait to find one.

Inspiration kudos to my friends and family of many years telling me the same thing, and my Dr. finally tipping it in by casually remarking during my last visit, “Why don’t you get a dog?”

And John Cole, and all the others out there whose great rescue stories I’ve read.

Thanks to DougJ.

(For the record, even though I admitted I was a verbal sadist, I’ve only really committed the crime 4-6 times ever, conservatively, and I remember a particularly egregious example from 2nd grade.)

Anyway, e-mail to every conservative pal I thought of off the top of my head.

Judge for yourself. Watch the video.

Virtually everyone agrees this should happen all the time. (Except one group who admitted they blew it by allowing cameras and microphones, and one major network pulling the coverage before it was over.)


This should really be passed along, with no more added than, “Judge for yourself who the adult is in the room.”

His SOU was chicken-shit compared to this semi-unprecedented back and forth pitting one guy against about 180.

Probably the most compelling bit of *gasp* NO, not “political theater,” but frank political discussion I’ve seen in 30 years, that’s for sure.

HIGLY interesting and yet unexamined by at least me so far is what it means in meta terms that it had to come to this.

Update: I’m sure a zillion people have already mentioned it, but could we please put away the tele-prompter shit?

The 4th Amendment has long been trashed, the 2nd has been deified, the 1st has been sold, and so on.

The fascinating thing to me is that so few people can see it, while it beats them about the head and shoulders.

Axelrod says they didn’t have a plan for Coakley losing.

I’m going to say the people I tend to keep up with were pushing the panic button no later than 2 weeks pre-election. So I’ll be generous and say everyone in the universe knew Brown could get elected within 1 week of the election. This is not time to have a Plan B?


The man knows how to surprise, and make a case. I still think he gets it, but like most people, couldn’t really understand how other people don’t get it his way.

So I’ll live-blog my disappointment.

I’ve watched 0 pre-game. CNN says 4:40 to go and boy I can barely contain my excitement about the SCOTAI being introduced.

“It’s too long,” is the consensus among most of our CNN gasbags. Gergen says Clinton, “could ‘pull off’ a long speech.” Family shots. Description of the folks sitting near the First Lady, another strange tradition born in my lifetime.

Not the Onion: Did Biden and Pelosi coordinate colors? Didn’t catch the genius who noted that.

1:00 to go! Hope and change are upon us again!

What’s the fucking point of the thing is so much of it is pre-released? Create a .pdf and put it up on the internets, whydoncha.

Wolf is still interested in what his guests have to say. Wolf doesn’t realize how alone he is. And thank FSM William Bennett is on to offer his sage advice. Turning the channel…

…Holy shit! Brian Williams just mentioned the defense budget! *crickets* from the rest…

…finally making the endless most Importantest Person walk.

And I mean endless. Kelly O’Donnell is telling me it was cold in the room when Geithner was getting grilled. Get it? Not sure I’m going to make it…

It goes without saying that the tele-prompters will be an issue.

8:12: Applause. Thank youthankyouthankyou.

8:13: I was hoping he would say the SOU sucked, but he didn’t. At least he qualified it a bit, and didn’t say the standard “the State of the Union is strong.”

8:15: Economy. Hard. Biden needs to keep his head still.

8:17: Uh-oh. The letters from children card. He’s gonna be asked to cough a couple of those up. Going populist, for sure. Biden really needs to keep his head still. Still trying the bipartisan bullshit, but I suppose you have to in a SOU.

8:18: We are resilient! Yeah, so are most other surviving mammals.

8:20: He’s hopeful about our future. Well, that makes one of us. Hopeful? Gotta think he gets ripped for that. Ah! Here comes the boilerplate. Biden has to have an earpiece, right? Bank bailout good start. Fuck you, Geithner! You made the bailout more transparent? Maybe if you have x-ray vision, Mr. President.

Policy time! Fee on biggest banks! Bonus vs. fee! Hard to argue with this one! Bagger’s heads explode.

8:21: The stimulus worked. And we cut taxes. So fuck you, everyone. Nicely done.

Nice joke on the GOP.

8:23: Lay off the too many number crap. It bores me, and I pay attention, and I know the numbers are guesses. Biden may be having a stroke. Anecdotes also bore me.

8:24: Some little things are better, but mostly it’s a nightmare out there for 10-20%. Job time. Jobs bill. Another 0 GOP vote getter.

No, Mr. President, the “true engine” of our economy is not our businesses, it’s our consumption.

8:28: I’m not sure the GOP optics are very good watching on NBC. The scorn is visible. Tax cuts! (To invest in new plants and equipment, which no gasbag heard, I’ll bet.) Infrastructure!

8:29: Pretty good populist speech. Putting some fun it in all, too, which all good SOU’s have.

8:31: He’s not getting a jobs bill. LOL. New foundation for long term economic growth! What a nutty concept!!!!!

I can’t help it, I like him.

How long should we wait, indeed.

8:35: Ah! Good catch line about not accepting 2nd place for the United States of Fucking America. Financial reform now. Mr. President, I’m interested in punishing our banks.

Veto threat. Like the GOP cares.

8:36: OOOH. Nuclear power plants. I’m agnostic on that one, and overall would take my own chances with one in the neighborhood. Hate the drilling thing though. LOL! Cap’n Trade! Not getting that either. Good laugh line about climate change. And he’s right about green energy, though.

He’s throwing the GOP some bones, but the overall tone of this speech is, “What’s here to argue about?”

GOP response in advance: How we gonna pay for all this stuff. *yawn*

8:40: Education. Yeah, yeah, what’re ya gonna do? No one argues with the broad outline. Wow! Got some GOP standers on the education suggestion. Not bad.

8:44: Did I mention Biden should keep his head still? (I realize I’m probably obsessing, and might be nodding my head, too.) On to HCR.

8:45: Obligatory nod to the wife with good neutral cause to support.

8:47: The GOP is not for the time being believing in the CBO. Sometimes they like it, though.

Mr. President, I saw this quote in the 5 (really 15) minutes of pre-game.

8:50: Let’s get it done. Even the GOP was afraid to sit on that one. Interesting. Deficit time.

8:51: Right on! “All this was before I walked in the door!” McCain and his butt-boy have a side-laugh.

He’s a just a fucking bi-partisan kind of guy. And he’s naturally tough as a Chicago home-grown and hoopster. (Yes, I know. I just find him hard to argue with.)

Throws down with the Executive Order!

Pay as you go!

The GOP has to be eating this stuff up! (Just kidding.)

8:50: Taking his shots. As close to a great SOU as it gets, IMHO.

8:52: Your damn right there’s a deficit of trust, but that was a shitty quote to leak, politically.

8:53: Fuck you on the transparency thing, Mr. President. Until I see what the NY Fed did with AIG and Goldman, fuck you.

8:55: Attacking the SCOTUS decision. Right on for this voter.

8:59: Going personal now. Ooooh, another shot at the GOP, nicely qualified! Lovily done! Ouch to Senators! “Not run for the hills” was good.

9:05: Wow. Kicking some ass. Yes, Biden and Pelosi color-coordinated.

I like the tradition of the military brass keeping their faces straight and their hands in their laps.

9:07: Closing soon, foreign policy goes on. Troops out of Iraq. Some worried General looks on NBC, to my view. But it’s gonna be hard to quibble with the “support to the troops” budget. Who doesn’t fucking support military families? (War-mongers.)

9:10: Nobody I know gives a shit about Russia. Threat to Iran. GOP/bagger red meat, though it won’t matter at all.

9:12: Haiti. Obligatory. As with the rest about now.

9:14: Uh-oh! Didn’t say we were created equal by God! More trouble ahead.
DADT. It is the right thing to do, obviously. I don’t care if an alien wants to defend me and my country.

9:15: High thoughts. Close. Values. Challenge. Lost faith in our biggest institutions. (Self-promotion: Beware The Man.) More populist fodder. Not bad. Taking on the media, nicely done as well. Could read blogs. Acknowledges the doubt.

9:17: Close? I know I’ve been calling it for 10 minutes or more, but he’s putting out the big challenge now, so I think I may have it this time.

I’m just about out with this guy since he got elected, but I stand by my earlier observation is that he gets it.

Now, we score it like a football game.

Update: General observation: Sincerity is the most uncool thing there is in modern-day America. Not coincidentally the hardest emotion to sell.

I think he’s sincere.

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