China’s Christianity Boom

Isn’t that just great? It is to Sullivan. But it’s just more myth sucking to me.

“Rent-a-tiger idea met with scorn by some.”

Isn’t every idea met with scorn by some?

I’ll bet renting a tiger is met with scorn by quite a few.

Though not funny ha-ha, but funny sad and depressing and defeating.

“Supreme Court: Corporations Don’t Have Enough Influence Over Government.”

Good luck, those on either right or left, getting a “reform” candidate elected!

Perhaps my favorite of all time:

“Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate”

Roy is a joy.

But what if everyone WANTS the roommate to be there, or at minimum no one cares?

I know for sure I was awakened by some grunting and groaning from the roomies during my collegiate years. Always turned me on.

*shrug* Guess that makes me a weirdo who needs protection from The Man!

Semi-blog edition. TPM does serious journalism, whether they’re recognized for it or not.

Read it. Made me laugh pretty hard.

Mostly because it is sadly, true!

Cheney, Limbaugh, Gingrich not hurting GOP, Boehner says.

Absolutely. Their individual and collective popularity number veritably screams “no pain” for the GOP.

Republicans rip Obama over insufficient budget cuts.

Well, of course they do! After all, they were so good at budget cuts themselves with 6 years of unfettered power and a limp, frightened opposition!

One can only presume they would’ve gotten around to budget cuts later on in their permanent Republican majority.

It’s like they’re working overtime in the Stupid Factory.

Update: The great Jesse Taylor (since I shook his hand once and told him how much I enjoyed his work, I’m positive he’d remember me, Great American that I am) offers yet another example of The Stupid. And hypocritical. Check the links and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Judge hits White House with preservation order.” Regarding preserving electronic messages.

How about we all just concede that the Bush Administration doesn’t care what some stupid judge says?

“Half of primary-care doctors in survey would leave medicine.”

In other news, 90% of all Americans would also leave their jobs “if they had an alternative.”