August 2007

OK, I’ll admit to a bit of man-crush on him, but it has nothing to do with sexual attraction.  Dammit.

No, what it mostly refers to is J.P. being the greatest concert guitarist of all time, by a mile.

Led Zep was my first show ever, in ’77.  I was actually completely sober, as I was a very straight guy all the way through H.S.

But if you pick up the Zep DVD called, “DVD,” and watch the second disk, which includes everything from “Immigrant Song” to “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You” to “Goin’ to California” to “Bron Ya Aur Stomp” all of which have some truly unbelievable, genius finger pickin’, and watch them all a few times and tell me that J.P. wasn’t the best stage-guitarist of all time I’ll think you’re nuts.

Watch the fingers and the feet.

Best band ever for a certain style for at least 5 years.  And Jimmy was The Guitar Man, without question.  Watch it first before you dispute it.

OK, so the author of this post has ALREADY had breast cancer, see?  And then, she goes in for an exam well post original diagnosis, and finds out It is back.

Traumatic, don’t you think? 

Thank God she had “health care!”  There are collection agencies calling her because The Man doesn’t have the data!  The exam she had was unwarranted!

Or, the people in action  just plain don’t belong to the human race.

I mean, go ahead.

(It’s about Iraq.)

Horns Poking Through,” by Duncan Black (or his wife).

Perfect, and perfectly funny.

(Judging includes the validation of the headline with the context of the post.)

I’m in my freshman year of college, and am a hard-core British, classic rock fan, cranking my Zenith with my best friend from high school regularly in our dorm room.  Beatles, Stones, The Who, Zeppelin, Floyd, et al.  I think I’m VERY cool because I know who Jeff Beck and Robin Trower are.  *strut*

I think Bruce is a pussy in 1979, and adding to the fun is my new suitemate’s love of the Boss’ new album, “Born To Run.”  He plays it constantly across the bathroom doors, and worse, when he knows we’re tired of listening to it over and over and over, he plays it with headphones on and can’t help himself, yes, he breaks out into song.  Howard can’t sing.

So, Springsteen comes to Champaign, and Howard, who I still talk to all the time to this day, gets us tickets.  In the days leading to the concert, my teasing could not be more relentless and fun.

Springsteen was, in 1979, so unknown that 2/3 of the Assembly Hall at U of Illinois is curtained off.  He’s sold about 6-7000 tickets. 

4 hours of show later, concluding with a better version of the Devil With The Blue Dress Medley than I can find online, I’m suddenly a convert.  This show ROCKED.  There wasn’t a person in the audience, even those who shouldn’t have been, up dancing and laughing in the seats and aisles.  It was a religious experience for me, and for the next six times he was in the neighborhood, I made sure I was there.  Including taking dear old Mom to a Soldier Field show around 1985.  She stood in line for me, God bless her.  I think she had fun, though she was admittedly (and properly) a little worn out by the end.

It was, in its genre, the best show I have seen to this date. The first one in ’79, I mean.  The one I saw with Mom was great, and all I could say was, “Mom, you should’ve seen him in 1979.”

Each show became progressively but distinctly a little more polished and choreographed, to my disappointment, but every one of ’em was pretty darned good.  The first one?  Truly magnificent.  Dare I say, “genius?”  Maybe.

The best I could do on YouTube was these, and I tried to pick the skinny, unknown Bruce era.  Some too early, some too late…very few just right.

Best yet, from me!

He doesn’t have to do it until after the first 3 nominating states, but if he doesn’t do well in those, by Feb. 5 he should announce his running mate.

I think General Wes Clark and Edwards (not in that order) would make a very formidable ticket.  I think Clark would negate all of the media’s fake narrative about Edwards, being sort of, well, you know, pretty, therefore unserious.  The awareness of his $400 haircut is far more dug into the American consciousness than any of the things that ACTUALLY FUCKING matter.  And the media laughingly pretends they have no part in it.

For the exact same reason Hillary should pick Obama, Edwards, or someone else the public considers all warm and cuddly…perhaps she and Bill could coax Powell to take the offer.  I think he might have enough axes to grind now that he’d think about it.

Update:  The optics of it, the feel of it, while written about by Media Man finally, thanks to the blogosphere, are still way underestimated in terms of “value.”  For votes. 

Is what I mean.

Great line:

I’m with Barney Frank — nothing there really sounds like it rises to the level that deserves either Craig’s resignation or the fainting fits of outrage that the GOP “family values” set has worked itself into. Honestly. Because he made “unwanted” sexual advances? Please. Glenn Greenwald is right — it’s the “same sex” part that has them all kerflumoxed. If they threw every man out of the Senate who ever made “unwanted” heterosexual advances, the place would be a friggin’ ghost town.”

And Tucker WAS guilty of being weirdly manly and homophobic when he proudly proclaimed he assaulted the gay dude who made an advance at him lo those many years ago.  I know; I watched it live.

How about, “No, but thank you.”?  If the other person violates your space in any way again, well, now, maybe you should call in either the establishment’s management or law enforcenment.  No problem hurting them physically, even, if you are worried for your safety in an adrenaline-approved way. 

Christ, no one is EVER going to be able to flirt with anyone anymore!  We’re clearly headed towards criminalizing it.  I wonder if we’ll demonize straight talk about the advancers’ intentions toward the advancee, too?

Presumably then we’ll all by magic and ESP clear the unspoken, suddenly insurmountable  hurdle and incredibly infinitely variable that is physical x emotional x spiritual x intellectual attraction TIMES (x) the Other infinite of how x why x how much everyone weights that stuff, TIMES the actual circumstances of the damn moment, well, only THEN will we be able to find mates for mutually consensual whatever, from going to coffee to having a quicky to getting married and living happily ever after for 50 years.  Until death do you part.

You don’t get to do it when kids could be around.  Adults?  Leave me alone.  I take “no” for an answer, but what am I supposed to do?  Wait for her?  No, no, can’t give her any signals, nor mis-read any of hers, because I could be attacked for being some creepy predatory monster misogynist that adults MUST be protected from!

Women as a cultural reality have been conditioned by total bullshit forever that they’re not supposed to do that even if they want to. 

And if you’re gay, you’re options are more limited.  Methinks not as many gay politicians would resort to public bathroom sex if their spouse was home and expecting a phone call, or loaf of bread.  Not “none, ” not as many.  Because I’m a guy who likes to fool around with my female preference in places that are risky.  (Some of them like it, too.  I know, crazy talk.)  Even if it is nothing more than a snuck kiss or a brush against a fun body part.  This is not to imply I’m in any way interested in getting caught, which is why I restrict that kind of stuff to people who AREN’T EFFING STRANGERS!    And why I have never been caught.

Yeah, it was friggin’ romantic when the Priest Richard Chamberlain and the woman since she was a minor he was in love with, Rachel Ward, made it for the first time on a beach, in “The Thornbirds.”  (Aside:  ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS how much skill and stamina he displayed!  Still makes me laugh.)  Or when, in “From Here to Eternity” Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr making out on the beach was HOT.  Yeah, because the audience all thought they would take it to the bedroom, because there were so many people watching them.  In 1953.

This is SO about teh gay that one can actually find laughs in watching people pretend it isn’t on TV.

OTOH, the entire Bush Adminstration years have been a battle against chonic and severe depression.

We live in strange times.  Lurching backward and foreward in wildly divergent ways.  And the Republicans are crazy, blood-loving, civil-liberties hating hypocrites, the ones pushing the swing so hard. 

At least right now.

I love this song.  One of the great bump and grinders of all time.

Though it was probably because I’ve lost all my hair, I was once told I could leave my hat on, and it was a very fun time, for both of us.

Why didn’t you just politely tell the dude you weren’t gay?  Did you have to get a pal (manly!) and slam his head against something?

It may have worked.  Unless you gave him “signals.”  Coulda been the bow-tie, but if so that’s certainly the other guy’s fault, honestly.  Do not judge a book by its cover, unless it is Senator L. Graham (C’mon!-SC). 

Strange times, indeed.  I’ve been propositioned by men, and the “Thank you, but that doesn’t have any appeal to me” response has been 100% successful, in all two times it has happened in my 30+ years as an adult.  Once in a bathroom, the other in a forest preserve where I went with my lunch and fury to stew over the completely false sexual harrassment charges I was under.  At this particular point in my career, all I wanted to do was get out of the office for a little while.

It came about because of a woman rubbing her (lovely, at least with clothes on) breasts against me, and making several wonderfully fun comments in our conversation, for quite some time over the course of the evening during a 100% social event, bringing the charge.  My company didn’t bother to interview the dozen-plus witnesses, and even though we are drowned in “dignity and respect” indoctrination, no one present was interviewed and my AVP signed off on my imminent termination without bothering to talk to me.

Now that’s what we like to call, “dignity and respect.” 

Boy, was I mad.  Terminally, suicidally mad.  So mad that as far as I know, and I’ve asked dozens of managers, if they had ever heard of one of these things (one more and you’re summarily dismissed) being withdrawn, and all I got was “no.”  One guy even said he begged for a withdrawal once for someone he managed, and was told, “no.”  I believe I set precedent, or made history, depending on how you want to look at it, since my own documentation of the event somehow cleared me.  (I choose both.  LOL.)

The point is, why don’t people just tell the other one what the goddamn deal is?  I wouldn’t have hit on this woman (which I freely admitted to doing; it’s what I thought was expected) had she just told me it was all in fun.  Most gay people I know have no interest in straight people, if just given the facts “on the ground.”

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Just going over the whole near 1-year ordeal still makes me furious.  I lost years off my life because of this abject and utterly bogus bullshit.  I was seriously angry, and seriously depressed, for a long time.  There’s a lot of research out there that says these things aren’t very good for your health.  And you have to know me to understand that I have a bit of a vicious and righteous temper, both of which were fed mightily by this chapter in my life.

And I forgave the woman in question; I later found out this was sort of standard behavior for her, that she’s just a child about these things, and that her man-hating pal (husband left her, blah, blah, blah) talked her into filing the charge a full month after the “event.”

I will never, ever, not in a million years with a gun pointed at my head, be lectured about “dignity and respect” from either an individual or a business entity.  Not ever.  My parents raised a good kid, with a solid understanding of right v. wrong.

And the ability to explain and defend my version of either.

Update:  Needless to say, I still harbor a good deal of resentment about the whole ordeal.  All I asked for was an apology, which no doubt the lawyers involved said couldn’t be done, but I was so darned tired of it and so emotionally exhausted by the whole thing I let them off the hook.  It all ended with a very U.S.S.R.-like “cleansing” of the record, or at least the official one.  “It never happened.”  (I have good reason to believe there is another set of records to which us little people are not entitled.  A mistake on their part during the discussions, the details of which do not matter.)

One of my few life’s regrets.  I don’t think I would be angry still had they just summoned the “dignity and respect” to apologize for their unbelievably craptacular handling of the matter.

Nah.  Talk the talk, but never walk the talk.

The main point is, Tucker, that you might have just told him you weren’t interested.

Update 2:  Well, well, well.  Tucker seems to suggest his story was for TV only.  God bless the mighty tube. 

What.  A.  Loser.

This is a good example

Right on, across the board.  And well-written, to boot.  I watch and read all the morons Mr. Heywood refers to, and he could not possibly be more spot-on.

My kudos to J.

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