June 2007

And the good Dr. at Eschaton quotes a spectacularly concise and increasingly obvious observation here.

Get a grip, and learn to live with it, or learn how to fight it. 

Those are the only choices left.

If one views the national public network/major cable Talking Head Show through this lens, you’ll get it.  Otherwise, you’ll think the opinions expressed by the Washington Elite are yours, which would be fantastically stupid.

And David Broder is fantastically outdated and clueless.

Kudos, again, to Hammer of the Blogs, a smart and funny website for us political junkies.

Update:  J.H. does a nice job explaining the Coulter phemonemon, and the Media’s hopeless and horrifying uselessness, here.  Plus, he uses lyrics from the Helter Skelter of the 80’s, “Sabatoge.”  No small bonus.

Howie does a great job illustrating how the GOP would be lost without the Moron Constituency of American politics.  And he makes a compelling case of how feeding the dragon of fear and hate and prejudice, that, well, they just may get what they asked for.

I’ve long said that without the uninformed, uneducated, homophobic, bigoted slice (if one can call 25% a “slice”) of our voters the GOP would be lost.

It is possible that we could see this dynamic in stupendous form in 2008, but no, the Dems are too stupid to avoid nominating Hillary.

It’s frustrating.  And so is the fact that she and her husband don’t recognize it.  In at least one way, the two of them are just like the GOP:  51% is enough.

The central missing ingredient in American politics today.  Particularly on the Republican side, though that’s just because they’ve been in power so long.

Say what you will about partisan politics; when you think “government IS the problem,” the mantra of those who captured power in 2000, there is a real good chance you won’t run it with much care or concern.  This has been the most incompetent, destructive Administration in my lifetime, by a mile (I’ll leave it to the historians to go back further) and it is plain and simple no longer funny, nor is the American Media’s or public indifference to it all.

We are circling the drain.

Sadly, No! does it right.

Jesus, those of us DFH’s in the “political know” have understood Cheney knew Dubya was a shallow drunken bully moron from Day 1 of Junior’s campaign (Ed Edit with ya!–and, literally, life,) and so Cheney picked…himself!…to be VP, because as a person who didn’t like the spotlight having a thoroughly manipulable POTUS and knowing how to turn the fine-tuning levers of power gave Dick a boner the likes Lynne has never seen. 

A damn Cialis/Viagra evil cocktail of wood.  A “call the ER” hard-on, as Cheney considered the Power he would have.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what caused a Dr. visit for the poor black-hearted, dead, bed-wetting soul that is the VP’s.

What kind of idiot, yeah, you, Broder, couldn’t see this 4 years ago?

One of the great life maxims of all-time:  Sometimes it is harder to see things from within them.

Take it or leave it, Dave, you insider moron.

I’m pretty sure this London plot foiled today will be revealed to be the work of amateurs.  (“Amateurs” best spoken with a Bostonian accent, as when one of my old golf partners would say about missing on the low side of a putt, “AMMitcha sod, John!”)  Always cracked me up.

Anyway, I know gasoline OK since I’ve been sniffing it happily all my life, and trying to keep flammable stuff away from it, as a good fire-starter, since I know it isn’t a really good explosive.  I don’t know yet about how much propane was in the cars.

But the phone calls didn’t work to detonate, and the perps are on camera.  It sounds to me like Scotland Yard already knows who they are.

AMMitcha wuk!  Kids, younger than 30, with a stupid axe to grind.  Welcome to Bush World, where winning those hearts and minds means blowing up as many innocents as possible.  Ann Coulter also subscribes to this theory.  Need I say more?

But the bedwetters scream, as if they could do something about those individuals committed to kill. 

Please, Lord, bring me The Rapture, and take these sissies away from me.  We’re going to live with this stuff for a long, long time, and worrying about it is for fools, and Cheney-like fraidycats.

Slow Friday news day.  I think there’s a 10% chance the whole thing is a hoax, given what I now have confirmed about President Cheney. 

…and other than The Rude Pundit, whom I linked in the post two down, and is probably too rude for some, this is the most intelligent, incisive and smart one I could find.

Kudos to J. Heywood.

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