You can’t stop them all.

And to you semi-pro or professional or even wildly successful bed-wetters and fear mongers, we’re on to you, we know you can make some money off it, but you’re still stupid. You’re advocating against your own personal interest as well as everyone else’s.

Having a serious national debate about how much time, money, and hassle we’re going to put up with every time some idiot sets himself on fire in a commercial airliner (which if you read the first link you’d know isn’t exactly likely to happen, period) is long overdue.


Update: Also.

…but most people aren’t getting it yet, but they will sooner or later.

The ever brilliant The Editors gets yet another one precisely and beautifully right.

I love The Editors, even while I disagree in principle with his robust defense of the lesser among us, not in the least reason being that the majority of said losers deserve what they get, particularly in light of basic education and desire motives, but I agree with The Editors in principle, virtually every time. I’m not stupid enough to dispute that the proverbial playing field is not exactly level.

My new get-rich-quick scheme involves some sort of Kevlar mattress, to save you money in.’

We are hosed. Man the decks now, and you’ll likely be OK.

C’mon, Mr. Phelps. It can’t all be done from the top.

What Michael Phelps and his publicists SHOULD be saying.

Hat tip to Scott at LGM.

Update: Open letter to Michael Phelps:

Dear Mr. Phelps,

You’ve done something no one else has done, ever, and you’re 23 years old. Why don’t you spend 3-5 years being what would in the political discourse be described as loony-tunes for something you and about 30 million Americans know is sane?

You got some big political bank, dude. People are going to find it hard to argue with you if you simply call it like you see it.

In short, your choice is being exponentially more polarizing with the knowledge you’re espousing a point of view that millions share, but dare not speak its voice. Millions will love you even more than we already do, but even more millions will vilify you. I understand it has cost.

But you have the virtues of being on the correct side, and in a unique position to move the Overton Window.

Thanks for the thrills and pride. And smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Also, enjoy the babes and money. You earned it the American way. You worked for it.


Update 2: The brilliant and ever lyrical Poor Man Institute gives you a tasty-lick of my link.

I nominate John Cole. Not that John is common, in the pedestrian, useless term of the word. More that John is uncommonly smart and sensible, and tries to look at life from both sides now.

I nominate myself for his second. I’m better orally, so to speak (verbally?), than I am in writing. Virtually perfect as John’s Press Secretary, or Operational Chief of Common Man Sanity. I’ve a long background in Operations.

Operations people also have a good background in reality, by definition. We have to make things work, we have to understand competing interests, and we have to…make things work.

Update: I know for sure I can cut through bullshit academic arguments and inject some goddamn real life/world medicine into the debate between all our collective geniuses, you know, the ones that haven’t ever had to worry about a damn tangible thing in their entire fucking lifetimes. Update note*: And those same people having seriously diminished this country in every single fucking respect there is, IMHO, because of their lack of real-world concerns.

(John, I wouldn’t be profane in public, except when it was absolutely called for. And no F-words, no matter what.)

Update: Precisely.

*Update 2: Fixed link. Added a sentence. What a retard blogger I am.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we’re not getting out of our last 8 years without some serious karma-bitch payback, and that this country will never again, in my lifetime, represent what it did to me as an eager kid, soaking up the history written by us winners of America as a shining beacon on the goddamn hill, auld langsyne blah blah blah.

I don’t do blogging well, for one thing. Too many things are so transparently obvious to me I can’t synthesize anything funny or unique or smart about them. So, again, I’m just going to outsource.

The Editors on well, lots of stuff. But all of it is true, and prima facie supporting evidence of my central point.

The Fed decides to give money to everyone but me for free. This seems to me like a bit of dying gasp. So I link you to Ian Welsh, whom I’ve come to love, and who tells the story in a lot more detail. It’s almost like he knows economics or something.

John Cole on the truly execrable Karl Rove. John does great stuff daily. Again, this stuff seems pretty clear to me. I was 70% cash when the market crashed. I mean, duh. But John makes a great point: Have we actually done anything about it? I promise I’ll link it if I can find it.

Would some genius out there write something about how we’re paralyzed from doing anything corrective because the tax code and accounting rules have made the financial system so complex that no single group of people can even monitor it, much less regulate it?

Even Obama doesn’t seem to get this. But I do, and I’m right about it, and frankly, that’s all I’m really good at.

Don’t vote for me, vote against him.

There has been considerable talk from the Obama campaign, and any number of Talking Heads, that “complacency” is, potentially, a problem for the frontrunner.

I don’t think so. Not this year.

We’ll see. I just don’t see many Dems and sane Republicans and Independents sitting this one out. The McCain campaign may be able to turn out the fear and hate in equal or almost equal numbers, so I’m not worried at all about turnout in general. Not to mention the general.

Nope, not this year. People are engaged, and McCain-Palin are engaging even the retards.

Weird. I actually think our lives depend on it, and even if we do right by that criteria, our lives are still at serious risk. Even if not physically.

Rage is a powerful and dangerous thing, and both sides are using it. I’m very worried for my country, my family, my friends.

But rage on the left is going to translate to a “step on their necks,” politically held attitude, and rage on the right has already translated into stepping on necks, physically.

Batten down the hatches, ladies and gents. It’s going to be wild ride.

The inimitable The Editors, speaking, I think, for all of us.

I’m about to buy me a tee-shirt from The Poor Man Institute.

Your Republican voting bloc, personified.

Hilarious. Have I ever mentioned how much I love The Editors?

Holy shit, is all I have to say.

folks at The Poor Man Institute.

I don’t want to do them the disservice of pointing to any single post, but read the last 4 or 5, including the links, and thank me for the laugh.

I love The Poor Man Institute.

(But only as friends, of course!)



Your modern GOP in essence.

If McCain wins in November, i predict a large spike in the suicide rate. Now, if these suicides were “rational,” such as they can be, I’ll be proud, to the extent each individual suicide is rational. Not too many of them will be.

However, my own personal suicide involves a visit to Washington, DC, a whole bunch of randomly placed around the Mall (since to be most effective the Mall in DC is the place to do it) CD’s or some form of fungible “suicide letter” to which much national attention would be focused. Imagine what it would be like if a bunch of people decided to take themselves out this way.

At some point, you have to be willing to stop hiding behind your blog. Not that the only choice is offing yourself, but if you really want to make a point, don’t do it from your blog, if you’re hopeless and desperate enough. A better idea, in simple practical terms, is to show for the TV cameras.