October 2007

Why, I think he did.

Which makes Susie’s post funny, if also sad and horrifying.

What a horror show.

Even *I* was horrified at Russert’s questions and the general format of last night’s Dem debate, and debates in general, for that matter, in today’s infotainment age, but there’s no way I could put it better than this.  Waldman has it exactly right.

Thanks to Ezra.  Read Waldman’s piece.  Russert is a cocktail-weenie weenie and aficionado.  He makes a trazillion dollars a year, and uses his Buffalo roots and his father to tell us how blue collar he is.  (As an aside, this is not an impossible combination of characteristics.  But is sure is for Tim.)

Maybe once, Timmeh, but no more.  Money, power, and access corrupt absolutely.

Update:  Money quote, courtesy Atrios:

I have a fantasy that at one of these moments, a candidate will say, “You know what, Tim, I’m not going to answer that question. This is serious business. And you, sir, are a disgrace. You have in front of you a group of accomplished, talented leaders, one of whom will in all likelihood be the next president of the United States. You can ask them whatever you want. And you choose to engage in this ridiculous gotcha game, thinking up inane questions you hope will trick us into saying something controversial or stupid. Your fondest hope is that the answer to your question will destroy someone’s campaign. You’re not a journalist, you’re the worst kind of hack, someone whose efforts not only don’t contribute to a better informed electorate, they make everyone dumber. So no, I’m not going to stand here and try to come up with the most politically safe Bible verse to cite. Is that the best you can do?”

But we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a candidate to say that, particularly not to Russert, who stands atop the insider media establishment. And like every skillful and experienced Washington hand, Russert knows that the way to the top is to pretend that for all the Georgetown cocktail parties you attend, for all the money you make, for all your heart flutters when the powerful treat you with deference, in truth you may be in Washington but you’re not of it. No, deep down you’re just a regular guy from the wrong side of the tracks, standing up to the effete swells of the ruling class.”

It’s weird to be shouting at your TV, “What the hell does that have to do with anything?  Doesn’t your business card say, ‘journalist’?  Doesn’t this country have some actual practical problems to work and talk through?”

Nah.  Gotta “entertain” if you’re on the Great Tube of Life and All Understanding.

…you’re pretty much covered on Attorney General nominee Mukasey.

This one is less civil, but equally accurate.

…comes this little bit of simple but obviously true wisdom from Dr. Black, about our Attorney General nominee


Especially if you’re a fucktard.

Just for the record, I think attacking Springsteen is lousy politics.  The good news for those engaged in these bad politics is that most of us won’t be paying any fucking attention.

Buy the album, on principle.

Christ, we are chronically making things more complicated than they need be.

Anyone who isn’t sure waterboarding is torture should go through some.  Actual live oh-my-God-I’m-going-to drown waterboarding.

Then, we ask again.  If they hang in there with their opinion that it isn’t torture, at least we’ll know they’re sincere.

This has been another edition of “Life Made Simple.”

Sadly, No!, I need to add that the kind of waterboarding I’m suggesting doesn’t involve a safe word.

The previous post leads right into this.  The man is bat-shit crazy.  But the media isn’t making us aware of it, given a recent poll which says 52% of Americans favor a limited strike against Iran, which will simply create more people willing to die to kill us, which just makes the merry-go-round keep on goin’ on.  It is in the corporopoliticomilitarindustrialists’s INTERESTS to start war with Iran.  As it is the media’s.  War equals money.  Figure it out.  Rich and powerful people aren’t going to die.  Duh.

You don’t hear this in the Narrative, though it is indisputably true.  The horse race is too good for ratings.

And here’s why it is indiputably true.  And here is some audio of the debate between two people VERY closely involved.  (Just hit the play button.)

More fun with Rudy’s top foreign policy guy.

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