Thanksgiving, 2005

Thankful for a lot of things, most especially my friends and family, who keep me alive and almost well.

I’m from a blue collar rural town, and have worked in the white collar world for 21 years.  I was born in ’59.  I’m a political junkie, because I have the time, because I’ve never married, have no children, and am not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but haven’t been on a “date” for years. 

I was brought up without any religious indoctrination whatsoever beyond what I soaked up from my pals, which mostly seemed pretty weird to me at the time.  “You have to do what?”

I bless my parents to this day for that. 

Sooner or later, I’ll post a picture.  My life is boring, but I try not to be.

I am of “freedom of self,” on the grounds that God made us all different, and offered hints in the way of snowflakes and fingerprints and other stuff, because what God indisputably bequeathed to us humans, at least relative to all the rest of His/Her creatures, is the ability to “reason.”  Fire, the wheel, math, science, the printing press, physics (the effort to understand our physical universe), landing a dude on the moon, central air-conditioning, major religions giving up the idea of killing to convert (Islam is next, but it will probably take them a few hundred years), the computer chip…you name it, and if it was good, I’ll trace it back to “reason” for you…it’s pretty clear to me that if there is a God, he very much intended for us to use our beans, and not guess at things we could not know, at least in terms of policy and discourse.

More to follow.

Update:  1-2008.  Didn’t exactly get back to you over the commercial break, did I?

I have a huge family with your average number of dysfunctions, but we all tend to get along really well, are more or less matriarchal with three wildly different women of equal greatness as the matriarchs; we take care and have fun with each other and each others’ children, and respect other’s opinions about things.  Over time and conversations about family with hundreds, I’ve learned to appreciate how rare and cool all that stuff is.

Most of the friends I hang out with I’ve known at least 20 years, some around 30.  Enough of them are grandparents to depress me if I think about it too hard, though the grandbabies are a source of endless hilarity and joy.

I’m old school that way.

I’ve never been married, I have 3 cats but would rather have a dog or two I didn’t have to go to work from, I’ve been almost married 1.5 times, and am generally sort of sexually defeated by age and the natural sexual consequences of age.  Men who are 48 simply don’t chase their wanks around as much as they did when they were 18, 28, and even 38.  Not that it still isn’t fun from time to time.

So it is, always has been, and will always be.

I am not at all afraid to die anymore.  Not that I’m all looking forward to it, either.  I just accept my odds as 100%.

I really enjoy the uniquely individual and intelligent (sometimes genius) and overwhelmingly caring voice of the progressive and even intelligently conservative blogosphere; those to whom I link make me feel better about myself.  Making one feel better about one’s self is possibly the only common component of the definitions of “love” there is. 

Life is still worth checking out.  It’s just a big huge cluster of happy and not, and there isn’t much getting around it, anyway.  May as well enjoy it, accept it, and laugh with it as best you can.

John O  1-2008

3 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Becky Boyce Says:

    Hi john,

    I found your website wasting time on Facebook (I don’t utilize social media much – just work most of the time); pleased that I did. You may remember me – we attended the same high school. Your views and life intrigued me enough to keep reading the better part of this evening.

    It is so interesting to read about a person’s current life and beliefs that have developed from that person you remember so differently from so many years ago.

    Just wanted to say hello. Perhaps we can correspond in the future.

  2. John O Says:

    Jeez, I sure do remember your name, Becky!

    Give me a shout on FB and let me know what you’re doing these days. I am really curious about who you thought I was in HS!

  3. jimswriting Says:

    The most well written bio I’ve read on a blog.

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