I’ve never watched an episode until quite recently when Comedy Central decided to run it from the beginning. (I think.)

It’s a very funny show, and Alec Baldwin is a very funny guy, but it’s actually difficult for me to get past Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) as an awkward nerdy physically insecure person, probably because Tina Fey is my idea of a totally awesome female human being.

…is watching the Lakers go down by 30+ in a big(ish) game.

It’s perverse because I care at all about a bunch of physically and zen-like gifted zillionaires in any fashion whatsoever. But on some level it was entertaining to me. Didn’t even really have to watch, either.

I Netflx’d the first season, because I was *ahem* just curious.

I was entertained, but not inspired. It isn’t any surprise to me that gay people deal with most of the problems the rest of us do, but the show is set in a place they don’t have to deal with a lot of problems I’m sure most gay people have to deal with, you know, like the ones living outside what seemed to be an exclusively gay-friendly environment. The other 90%.

The one thing I had trouble getting past, though, was how good-looking everyone was. Even the classically “not pretty” women. I thought all the primary characters were lovely, and it was hard not to laugh about it from time to time throughout Season 1. The engaged (to a man) character is, at least to me, like the most beautiful woman ever. If I was her fiance, I would try to work something out. Know what I’m sayin’, fellas? LOL.

Welcome to TV, I suppose.

Season 2? I don’t know. No rush, for sure. It ain’t no Soprano’s.

I’d never seen it, but heard it was good.  It is.

I found it touchingly real, funny, and more about real life than most TV shows.  Folks trying to get by.  There’s hardly anyone I know that thinks MJ law is in the same universe as sanity, even among those who don’t bother with it.  Everyone I know knows someone who has, allegedly, fallen down into the evil trap of gateway-hell.  However, everyone I know has also not fallen into the evil-hell.  Mostly they just laughed and ate, and remember their experiences fondly.  That’s me, too.

Plus, I love M. L. Parker.  And the family she buys the weed from is hilarious and oddly ethical.

It rates a Season 2 check.