I’m a bit angry with the Catholic Church, not in small part because some of my best friends are Catholic, and the bizarre hold The Church holds over them is creating dissonance, and I’m talking about really good people, which is all part and parcel of the entire deal, I suppose.

Matt takes his shot. Do not anger a talented polemicist.

I just cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be a member of a club whose leadership pulled the stuff they did over the length of time they did.

My problem is that maintaining your membership with the Catholic Church is morally wrong (yes, that means you, Andrew Sullivan), because they’ll only change their behavior when their members bolt, and their money stream dries up (more than it already has), and not before then. (If then, but that’s the best shot at change.)

Man up.

That’s all I could think to say after reading about this.

This is exemplary of our national discourse. A paper of record, after all.

And John Cole as usual is spot-on here.

And Matt Taibbi has been kicking Wall St.’s ass around the block for at least a year or two now.

An uncle about my age and I had a good laugh at Thanksgiving about being ready to die just as the country was completely going into meltdown down the drain, 20-30 years or so.

I have a great family.

Update: I cannot for the life of me understand how even deep-South or Appalachian hard-core Republicans can’t see that they’re getting ripped off by people they don’t seem to be able to blame.

“Let’s distribute wealth UP,” says the poor, health care and toothless average GOP voter, “because one day my jr. high-educated ass could be rich like them! And I don’t want no gubmint takin’ ma money!”

At least it fits my own view of how Corporate journalism works.

Matt is a lot of fun.

Update: I’ve worked in a large corporation for 25 years, and most people close to me have worked in large bureaucracies of one kind or another. It’s awfully strange to be hearing about how the government can’t do anything right in the context of your corporation laying off 30% of its employees, and losing a lot of money and (of course, never failing, good times and bad, inevitably) paying the “leadership” bonuses, which I am on record as telling bonus-level folks that if they just changed the word from “bonus” to, “entitlement” I’d be fine with the whole deal.

So, the point about Matt’s post is that a PhD in Organizational Behavior is not required.

John Cole sums up just a whole gunnysack fulla problems.

(And the Rolling Stone writer he’s referring to is Matt Tiabbi, whom I can’t believe Goldman-Sachs hasn’t disappeared yet.)

Besides thanking George W. Bush for making me glad I’m as old as I am, being the “make some lemonade” kind of guy that I am, I think I’ve found another.

The NY Times (and several other publications, to be fair) have been writing a lot of stories about how those poor, poor rich people are having to cut back. Atrios has been particularly alert to this, and they’re always funny, if one can distance one’s self from the utter horror of it all. It is about “entitlement.”

For just a whole lot of my decades-long sentient political life, I heard Republicans whining and whining to the point of boredom about poor people’s “sense of entitlement,” the “welfare mother” stuff writ large, so the Wall St. abortion has turned me into an almost Hulk-like figure should some sad person bring up “entitlement” in the context of poor people ever again, within my earshot.

Here’s kinda what I mean, in three lovely posts.




These people (Paul Sullivan) don’t have any idea where most of America resides. This is way, way off-the-reservation material.

We are led by people who are not very nice or decent or, like, even averagely honest. This particular example is actually right on the verge of evil. And this from one of our two major political party’s leaders, on the Issue of The Day.

And for the record, I think Obama’s caving on DADT, extending and enabling Wall St.’s ownership of our politics and money, his alleged giveaway to Big Pharma, his rationale for continuing killing and getting killed in a country halfway around the world are all unconscionable, or at least absurd levels of political compromise–being President of us all does make a qualitative difference–too. But there are no such compromises for Newt to have to make, no consequences for Newt to talk so flagrantly out both sides of his mouth in such universally acknowledged Extreme Bullshit fashion.

(Watch for Newt on a Sunday Talking Head Show coming soon! He’s Very Serious!)

I don’t think the question of whether or not we’re in an Empire Death Spiral is an “if” one anymore, but “when” will be an increasingly important question to consider for an average 50 year old trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his/her life on the planet, which could be one day.

Update: So I guess where I come down on the health care issue has a lot to do being able to cross “getting sick and not being able to afford it” off my list of what the rest of my life might entail, like most of the rest of the world can. Seems like a cool thing for us to do for each other.