Here is your money quote:

“America changed for me this weekend. I don’t see it anymore as this television set used to show me.

Uh, Glenn? TV is fake. It’s an elaborate illusion. You’re quite literally watching your furniture and trying to create a reality out of it. You may not get this, oddly, I’m almost sure you don’t, but the people you see on TV know you’re watching, in fact, their entire raison d’être is to make you watch. It’s not a two way medium. It’s entertainment. I’m sorry your Ozzie and Harriet view of America has been destroyed by the fascist idea of not allowing Jesus’ children to be victimized by getting sick, but really, dude, get a an economy sized Clue.

I look forward to Glenn’s denial that the inevitable violence he hints at, via the TV, ironically, had anything to do with his own personal responsibility.