…just go ahead and tell us you were repeatedly raped in prison and you subsequently have a terrifically tough time dealing with normal sexual behavior, you know, the “not rape” kind. We would TOTALLY understand that.

I also, too think that McCain’s media image can be rehabilitated (just not in the history books) by a confession that he’s about the biggest martyr-whore that ever walked the planet. “You know,” McCain says, laughing off his documented flip-flop on life itself, “this elected representative, marry-an-heiress thing kicks huge ass” would be just about enough to cleanse him in at least one voter’s eyes.*

Obligatory and sincere disclaimer: I believed in McCain once. I got my news from TV.**

Seriously, this is embarrassing stuff.

They’re quotes, people. Yes, they are “taken out of context.” *cough* But they are in such direct contradiction with each other without even the need for context, because they’re so diametrically opposed, context is rendered irrelevant.

Get it?

*You know, the world as we have it not want it…

**see, “shark, jumped, TV news”

And why it’s really the only TV news show one need bother with. 100% non-partisan, and a beautiful display of how the GOP has, in the end, won the debate.

People tend to blame coaches and Presidents a lot. Just never themselves, because the minute one of these guys proposes it, huge numbers of the country say simultaneously, “I want it, but we can’t afford it, and we can’t raise taxes to pay for it,” and fail to see any irony or “penny wise, pound foolish” in it all. All the while POURING money into the pockets of those ripping [you] off, truly paying the proverbial landscaping nut on some 3rd homes with the political idiocy.

Wars, however, are “necessary.” We could have hardwired and supertransed and bought near-personal MRI machines for the entire country with what we blew in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We should be the world leader in Supertrains (a long time ago), we should never build a public building without wind/solar on the property, we should rebuild our power grid, information grid, bridges and sewers; these are simply several of those problems the fabled and deified “free market” God cannot solve.

So, a big FU to those getting in the way, you fucking assholes.

Update. The bit by Stewart deserves viral status, it’s so good. So pass it along.

Update 2: Edited for moronitude and bad English.

Update 3: Strength doesn’t come from having the biggest military dick to swing around indiscriminately, it comes from within. Which for some reason most people get on a personal level.

Totally non-partisan, and EXACTLY what happened if you’ve learned enough.

Wow, seriously. It’s the best I’ve seen it put on TV, which is the most important medium for morons, of which we have a bunch.

It’s one thing both hard right and hard left agree on, and they still can’t get it done. Ask yourself why.

I didn’t start reading blogs until 4-5 years ago, and what a whole new world it was for me. There are some terrific, funny, sensible reality-based people inhabiting this strange country of ours, and I delight in reading them, except for the horror that many of them expose, precisely to Heywood’s point. Though I’m out of the Corporate Media game now, I couldn’t help but watch the “experts” discuss things I was interested in on The Great Furniture of Learning about through early last year.

Several of my favorite bloggers specialize in humiliating and laughing at those “on the other side,” a generic term used here only for the purposes of pointing out that there are some rational Republicans (or at least conservative) who remain and make good cases, Larison, Sullivan, Frum at least 1 out 10 since he recognizes the beast he fed, etc.

I simply don’t have the stomach to wade through the misinformation and ideology, but I’m glad someone else is doing it, because it really is sort of startling to learn how much absolute factual crap is published by allegedly “reliable” sources on either side and if you don’t believe me read Bob Somerby for a couple weeks, or years like I did. (Which, interestingly, I no longer do, but only because I almost universally agree with at least the proverbial “larger” point he’s trying to make after a year or two.) And it takes time to figure that out, namely that you have to click through supporting links and actually read. Often, “think,” too. It’s work.

So what REALLY happened over the last decade in my case was exactly what Heywood is getting at, the exposure to just how many multi-million strong bands of complete fucking basket cases are out there. “Keep the government out of my Medicare!” comes immediately to mind, though the examples are legion. “Get a brain, morans” is another. The dude had to have people in his life who knew he was going to protest, or maybe were even WITH the guy, and nobody pointed out the misspelling before he got a picture taken? That’s geometric stupid.

So, this a great read. Satisfying, except for the part about when the Stupid regains power, and how I’m going to cope with it, seeing as how my only other choice is both chronically weak and politically incompetent. (I’m sure there’s a correlation there, personally, since it’s goddamn genetic to avoid weak leaders, IMHO.)

The other positive thing I’ll say about the blogosphere is that someone else can almost always put the swirling thoughts in your head down in prose so well a “Right on” is near obligatory.

21st Century soul mates? I like the old kind better, but that’s only because get off my lawn.

I’ll give Mr. Yoo one thing, early in the interview, after being asked by Stewart if he’s a good lawyer, he says, paraphrasing, those who can’t, teach.

What a horrible human being.

One suddenly clearly and epiphinatically understands, “First, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

shines the light on assholitude. Where no “serious” news show dares tread.

I’ve always been kind of agnostic on Brit Hume. Not anymore.

I think the best moment of this bit is the very end, where you can tell Stewart and Mandvi are collectively both satisfied and horrified this bit became possible.

This is wonderfully smart and funny, but the thing is, see, it isn’t really parody anymore, it’s quite literally news given the incredibly embarrassing number of Americans who are with our lovely FOX correspondent on the substance of the issue allegedly being parodied (yes, yes, I know it is cut and pasted; this just makes it worse for me), and this is not a healthy sign in any macro way.

Update: Enjoying my Comedy Central TDS/TCR tonight. Brokaw, to Colbert: “…it’s the OMG Decade, and we’re still working our way through it [Ed: Yes.]. I don’t think that we fully realize…”

Colbert: “Well what happened, 9 years ago, or 10 years ago in 1999, I mean, we were the ROPE that Rome should hope to be, we had all the money, all the power; 10 years later, our country might be destroyed by ACORN. What happened in those 10 years?”

Hmmm…especially including that political and economic policies have a lag, say 1-3 years (let’s call the 00’s 2002-2008, conservatively, policy impact-wise), what could it have been in those pesky ’00’s?

It’s hard to remember who controlled every lever of policy between ’01-’05 inclusive.