…the ACLU will be taking a position that it is OK for cops to break down doors without a warrant or cause if anyone’s feelings get hurt if they don’t.

And another venerable institution cracks.

Tip o the hat to Duncan.

…everyone these cops know plus themselves to get Alzheimer’s (starting…NOW!) and eaten by wild animals. Because they wandered off while they were still 70% coherent.

After handling a side of meat. In famine conditions for the critters. If it’s bears, just before hibernating.

Just not sure enough about Hell.

…at least for show. It would show him something completely foreign to him: Class. Not unlike the ACLU defending Limbaugh, and no doubt with the same results.

Michael Savage asks Hillary for help.

We’re in a one weird place as a country.

Why do Republicans traditionally hate the ACLU? You know, given that the ACLU is entirely and exclusively devoted to defending the Constitution and all?

Existential Answer: Because the current version of the Republican Party is comprised of authoritarian, brainless, intellectually inconsistent (among the brain-enabled) moralistic pricks?

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Update: Just to add, wouldn’t “defending the Constitution” be sort of, well, I hesitate to say it, a “strict constructionist” view of said Constitution?

Call me nutty.

You can, too.

It’s really easy these days.

And this country has problems that clearly transcend political party or personality.