Famine, plague, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and one helluva lot of pestilence are right on top of us.

Here, and here.

The Andrew Sullivan/James Joyner vs. DougJ and John Cole debate (linked above) strikes me as very important to discuss at this particular point in our history. And at least Joyner and Cole/DougJ take comments.

We need to reduce defense by about 25%, raise taxes on the rich, means test safety net programs, dramatically invest in infrastructure and alternate energy, and soon, or we are going to be sniffing China’s ass for the next 200 years, or until they get as stupid as we did, whichever comes first. And has any ex-#1 EVER reclaimed their status in the realm of geopolitics?

I don’t recall one. But I’m not an intellectual.

Strength comes from within.

You really have to hand it to the GOP. Sincere kudos.

They have convinced America (or at least all the rich people who run America) that just because these very same The Man who creates the mess can in no way be accountable for it.

This is non-partisan.

I say the cycle is unstoppable, and the only way to issue corrections to it is when, after screwing us royally economically for X years until things blow up, the rich get the snot taxed out of them when it happens. For Christ’s sake, none of them are hurting, NY Times series on the poor folks moving down to 5000 sq. ft. notwithstanding.

The Man is largely wealthy. The Man created the problem we all have now. The Man should be happily coughing up, nervously laughing a meek apology, and saying, “OK, you can have some of it back.” Preferably in front of an angry mob.

That’s because in a just world they’d be in jail.

…everyone these cops know plus themselves to get Alzheimer’s (starting…NOW!) and eaten by wild animals. Because they wandered off while they were still 70% coherent.

After handling a side of meat. In famine conditions for the critters. If it’s bears, just before hibernating.

Just not sure enough about Hell.

As usual.

I just can’t get over how the GOP gets away with this SHIT!

Thanks, Dems, for not flogging it every time you’re in front of a camera! (In the figurative sense.)

Thanks, liberal media!

Good luck, USofA!

The blog post, and the Senatorial evisceration.

Why don’t more people understand this statement from the WH? Oh, that’s right, they get their news from TV!

And let’s give a big tip o’ the hat to those classically spineless Congressional Democrats for failing to stand up and make the same point.

We are living in one MOFO strange media politico-social universe, indeed.

I haven’t seen any interest in underwear-dude.

Except on TV.

Hell, we’re not even talking about it to waste time at work.