But, you know, shouldn’t they be in control of their own moral wheel, as it were, and stop hiding pedophiles and fucking little boys over DECADES (I say millennia, but decades for sure), first?

I dunno. I suppose this is why I’m not a PR pro. I would be advising them to keep the morality discussion to a minimum for at least a little while (“Any sane person is going to ask you about the little boys! Don’t do this!”), and we know the Catholic hierarchy is not going to appreciate that idea.

Update: You know, every now and then I have to address the Catholics: This act you’ve been pulling for 2000 years wherein you stubbornly maintain a position on a given issue only to find yourselves apologizing for those same positions centuries later is so old and repetitious it’s fucking BORING now. Truly.

Update 2: Greatest hook in Mankinds’ history, though: All you have to do is really feel shitty about all the shitty things you did just before you die and your slate is wiped clean. This is also the biggest WTF perpetrated on Mankind. Credit where credit is due and all.

The indoctrination process is quite impressive. Also.