Why this narrative has taken hold in the electorate’s mind is a testament to how bad our Corporate Media masters are in the bag.  It’s very sad to behold.

McCain was against torture before he was for it.  Thanks to the good Dr. at Eschaton.  His own nightmare is very similar to mine.  And I think because of the narrative in question, McCain in fact is no worse than 50-50 against Hillary.

I’m just procrastinting now on the packing.  (And I love being there, I just don’t enjoy getting there anymore, for the record.)

Anyway, here is another beauty:

“Mukasey (Ed.  That’s our Attorney General, as in He At The Top Of Laws) refuses to address waterboarding.”

If only there was a way to get him to cough up an opinion…

I still love my country, but I’ve also lost one big pile of respect for it.  I thought we were above this stuff.  It seems to me that is how I was brought up.  I guess blame lies on those crappy public schools I attended.  I grew up thinking torture was for tinhorn dictators and commie’s and the Otherwise Less Wise. 

Silly me.