…just go ahead and tell us you were repeatedly raped in prison and you subsequently have a terrifically tough time dealing with normal sexual behavior, you know, the “not rape” kind. We would TOTALLY understand that.

I also, too think that McCain’s media image can be rehabilitated (just not in the history books) by a confession that he’s about the biggest martyr-whore that ever walked the planet. “You know,” McCain says, laughing off his documented flip-flop on life itself, “this elected representative, marry-an-heiress thing kicks huge ass” would be just about enough to cleanse him in at least one voter’s eyes.*

Obligatory and sincere disclaimer: I believed in McCain once. I got my news from TV.**

Seriously, this is embarrassing stuff.

They’re quotes, people. Yes, they are “taken out of context.” *cough* But they are in such direct contradiction with each other without even the need for context, because they’re so diametrically opposed, context is rendered irrelevant.

Get it?

*You know, the world as we have it not want it…

**see, “shark, jumped, TV news”

And a duh.

Gaffney, as I’ve noted before, is an instant channel-changer guest for me. Bat shit nuts. That he is taken seriously is a national embarrassment.

Greedy and racist. This one from a multi-millionaire gasbag who has made no secret about his opinion on taxes, who sometimes (and I expect realistically) does some good quiet charity work. I wonder why this one doesn’t qualify?

The Haitians got earthquaked because they made a pact with the Devil. Pat Robertson, direct voice to God.


Only poor people feel entitled, #3.

I did not know this to the degree I felt I could post it.

I should like this man (Senator Joe. I obviously like Steve a lot), but I don’t. I blame the system, government-wise. I think our Founders got the idea that people just can’t help it to a pretty strong degree.

Update: The Duke Cunningham thing and the Wall St. bailout pretty much sealed my cynicism deal. I don’t believe the Duke came into Congress like he left it.

From the incomparable Steve Benen. Steve has mastered the shiv-snark technique to a fabulous degree.

I do believe I’m going to spend the time trying to e-mail the link to some honchos at Fox.

Michele Bachmann is a loon. Also.

…old friend Frank is the Smartest Guy in the GOP, and he is/was a birther.

Investors Business Daily? That’s a confidence builder, isn’t it?

Nice editing, Einsteins.

I do not enjoy being embarrassed for my country.

Pretty much the entire GOP club of puppeteers.