It’s all just too depressing for me to go after, and besides, there are a bunch of people with far greater intestinal fortitude, and writing skills, who’ve done it for me.

J. Heywood with a doubleheader of spot-on analysis.  As with the tragedy of Steve Irwin, I always find myself coming down on the animal’s side, in the latter link to J.

More good news for the little guy, and more bad news for The Man, courtesy your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Just kidding, of course.

Kevin Drum on George Bush going on trips to promote democ…champion freed…spread peace (!)…whatever it is he thinks he’ll be doing other than making every country he visits remember why we’re now hated.

Politics 201:  Never waste any time taking advantage of an assassination of someone we needed.  There are elections to be won.  How proud they must all be.  I will add, once again, that there is no stopping someone willing to die for a cause.  The very discussion of it is absurd and ridiculous; trimming the branches of the terrorism problem by ignoring the healthy tree.

And Digby on President Cheney’s personal, paranoid, peculiar world-view and overall competence.

One other thing, since Cheney came up.  Every time I hear a suicide bomber described as a “coward,” I wince.  A psychopath or sociopath, a religious nutjob, a poor, desperate person, a brainwashed moron, any combination of the above or more I can take.  But coward?  No.

Which brings us back to President Cheney.  HE is a coward.  The classic cowardly bully.  Five Viet Nam deferments takes a little bit of cowardice, and 9-11 made him wet his pants so bad he changed his entire world-view, from an absolutely sane and prescient view of the idea of taking Baghdad during Gulf War 1 (you can WATCH him say it, if you don’t believe it), to an absolutely paranoid, intelligence manipulating, Bush manipulating power whore of epic proportions.  No one ever knows where he is, and he rarely speaks in front of anyone, though periodically he comes out to spew the Gospel in front of wildly sympathetic warmongers like himself.  He never does anything without intense secrecy and security.  Those things, at least to me, define cowardice far better than someone willing to strap a bomb to their guts and end it all.

Dick Cheney is a coward.  He wouldn’t even blow himself up for a huge bonus check.  He wouldn’t blow himself up for his wife and daughters. 

I would say he’s also a delusional pyschopath, but I don’t know the man personally.  He’s a coward, though.  The record on that one is clear.