I love this guy. Swift, not Russert.

Vicious and funny and smart and goddamn poetic, if I may.

I liked Russert. He actually came across as giving a shit from time to time, but even our Beatified Timmy just could not look himself in the mirror hard enough to understand the life and money and fame influences that inevitably fall upon any human finding any combination of the three.

I know I’m in the minority now, but I don’t think Nixon, Reagan, OR Russert was a Saint. I think they were human beings. As evidence, I present my observation, anecdotal certainly, that everyone I’ve ever met is a human being.

All that being said, our current Administration makes even Nixon look like a Saint, so I can’t let go completely of my belief in monsters. Which obviously has to keep Saints in play.

Nutty, that.


I wanted him fired, not dead, after the Plame affair.

He was still better than most. Sincere condolences to all those who loved him.

Mr. Russert is back to being a man of the people again, because no one should lose a loved one at 58.

Negroes.  Chicks.  Are either qualified to lead this country?


Yo, Tim!  It’s a fake issue!  Don’t fall for it!  Obama would never suggest the Clinton’s are racist, and as for vice-versa, well, that’s sort of obvious.  At least to those of us without White House party invitations.

Amazing how much respect I’ve lost for the man since Valerie Plame got outed.