I hope that every peaceful and legal (waterboarding?) means to torture Joe Lieberman is used to harass him long after he leaves the Senate and joins AIPAC. I want scorn heaped upon him if he steps out of his cocoon to be the new normal, for Joe. I want people who lost loved ones because of their crappy or absent health care to camp out on the nearest public property near Joe’s home for if he has the stones to come out. I want him to understand some hardship.

What an incredible asshole.

The man obviously has no plans to run again. (Or principles.) I hope the Dem The Man can figure that out, which does not in any way require a PhD in poli-sci.

…and He told me Joe-Not-Plumber’s crank actually had larger mass than his brain. Before I could get the obligatory “Wow!” out of my mouth, God added that no, Mr. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher had an average-sized crank.

See how this works?

Tip o’ the hat to John at Balloon Juice.

Every time I see the torture apologists on the Great Furniture of Learning endlessly babble on in repetitive theoretical language used by, to be fair, either side, I always wonder why the argument isn’t just ended, you know, with a simple request to the “pro-torture” sadists/bedwetters.

“Look, we don’t need to argue about this: Undergo some water-boarding, and if you aren’t made to say something we know to be not only antipathy to absolutely everything you publicly claim to believe like, ‘water-boarding isn’t torture,’ but a blatant factual lie, like, say, ‘The sun rises in the west’ for example, then if you hold out, [I’ll] concede water-boarding isn’t torture. Or you fold, and concede that it is. To make it more fun, we can try to make you say that last bit while you’re being water-boarded, so we’ll have fodder for filling TV time later: Did you say it was torture because you were being water-boarded, or because you (now) believe it is?”

(Hint: This is how Overton Windows are moved.)

Call it the OlbermannVentura gambit.

Christ, it’s sickening to watch. Not only that, it has become so boring to me I just turn the channel. Take that, advertisers!

Cut to the fucking chase, talk about something else, or shut your pie-holes.

…at least for show. It would show him something completely foreign to him: Class. Not unlike the ACLU defending Limbaugh, and no doubt with the same results.

Michael Savage asks Hillary for help.

We’re in a one weird place as a country.

I watched Matthews tonight, I’m watching Olbermann as I type, and I haven’t seen word ONE about Stewart’s interview with Cramer last night, even though it DID make the front pages of several prominent “news” outlets. Christ, my Mom heard about it on the radio. WGN talk radio in Chicago.

Disappointing, for sure, but entirely consistent with my world view.

No question at all the gag order is in effect.

Fight it, or slave for it. That’s pretty much what we’re down to.

Update: E-mail to NBC.com:

I found it awfully amusing, if terrifying, that the gag order was clearly in effect when it came to even your liberal shows not uttering a word about the Stewart-Cramer interview last night.

It’s a new world, and you should adapt to it. A desperate clinging to power is very unappealing. Think, “Mugabe.”

I watch Matthews almost religiously, I watch Olbermann from time to time especially lately, and I love the Maddow show because she’s just so damn smart and polite.

No WAY do they not talk about the Interview without orders not to do so.

With all due respect, fuck you. You’re missing a big money-maker, and that is the absolute rage felt by people on all sides of the political spectrum about reverse welfare. A corporation that can’t capitalize on widespread public rage deserves no investment.


John O

Update 2: Holy shit! Here’s a prediction I would bet the wife and kids on, if I had any: Shep Smith is not long for FOX “News.” This is VERY funny stuff. HUGE hat tip to John Cole for this work of art.

Update 3: Kudos to NBC. They’re floating a trial balloon with Maddow, to see if what she has to say sells, because she’s the first NBC employee to mention The Interview on TV air that I know of. I retract, if only a little since they’re still controlling who says what, my e-mail to NBC. Thank God they’re still curious about capitalism!

Update 4: Kudos are also in big order for Shepperd Smith at FOX. He MAY actually have a brain and conscience.

Update 5: Fuck you, NBC. You were OK with Rachel referring to it, but not talking about it. What a bunch of rich prick asshole anti-free speech losers you are.

Hat tip to Josh.


I can only speculate, but now I have to think Frank Gaffney is Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location. Or that perhaps Frank Gaffney is actually Dick Cheney in disguise.

He’s the chickenhawk’s chickenhawk. I’ve never seen him be anything but blood-lustily despicable.

Think Progress, that wonder of a website, has some audible video.

Barry Nolan, for being so naive and incredibly…naive gets the honorable Beware The Man Award for today.

He’s a journalist who got fired for telling the truth. Personally, I’m glad that he’s still alive, as truth-to-power tellers don’t usually wind up so unharmed.

What is it about the human condition that is so afraid of the truth? Jesus died for it, you know.

Using someone’s actual quotes? That’s just modern journalistic heresy. And Barry, I need a house cleaner. But I’m very sure you’ll do better.

Hope is naive now, too.

You have to see it to believe it.

This is what the Republicans have left to debate. It doesn’t matter if they actually know what they’re talking about, a certain X of the American public will believe it, and the current psychotic incarnation of the GOP counts on it. People listen to this man on the radio.

Poor Kevin. I hereby nominate this for the most embarrassing TV appearance of the year.

What. A. Moron. Craptacular!

that he is out of his mind?

If he thinks the “Muslim world” is going to be “rallying” to us he is just one fucked up person, and another example of the utter ignorance of the Bush team, on which Rove was a Captain. Personally, I don’t think he cares what happens to his country.

Additionally, the above link contains a simple graph of a worldwide poll of 18 countries and their attitudes about the United States of America. I say we’re trending down, but I’m no statistician, nor do I have secret “Rove Math.”

The GOP is preaching to the morons. This election is going to be a darned good indicator of the count of rational people in this country.