I speak of course of Hillary and Obama’s alleged meeting at the SOU.

This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen Media Man do, and that is saying a whole lot.  I’m sure Matthews covered it diligently.

Imagine being photographed every minute of every day.  Hell, imagine being photographed as often as YOU, Average Joe/Joe-ette has been photographed.  No embarrassing or easily misrepresented photos in your history?  I scoff at the notion.  For God’s sake, bad or easily misrepresented photographs are a part of the cultural fabric of anyone I’ve EVER known.  And, hmmm…yes, that’s right, all of them, every single one, is NOT famous and photographed all the time!

Surely a greater blogger than I has taken this on, and while I’m in the midst of my standard pre-trip packing nightmare of wondering what I’m going to forget, I just had to stop by and offer up a comment on this absolutely useless waste of zillions of dollars of media time.  *sigh*  I suppose it sells, but anyone who doesn’t keep that in mind, above all, is a moron.

Update:  Well, after a good 3 minutes looking around, I found a satisfying response.  But what do you know!  It was just a comment on a major magazine blog.  From cm:

Gee…it’s good to know that the media is focusing on the issues that Americans care most about, like the economy, healthcare, Iraq, … oh, I forgot, the public cares more about the “snub.”

There are soldiers dying in Iraq, which Hillary Clinton shares partial responsibility for, and the media focuses on the “snub.” Many people lack adequate healthcare, but hey, who cares, there’s the “snub.” Many people are losing their homes, but hey, who cares…I’m sure these people would rather fixate on the “snub” whether they have a home or not.

I do not care whether the snub was real or coincidence. Does it really matter? If it was real, then fine…Obama’s human too, and Hillary and Bill have been taking some pretty mean shots at him, including trying to marginalize him on racial terms.

When the media plays this stuff up, they lose the right to complain about any lack of seriousness or results in our political system. They lose the right to complain that Americans do not fully understand the issues, vote on only superficial reasons, or that the candidates themselves are lacking in election after election. They lose the right to complain that candidates use petty and demeaning tactics.

Notice also how Hillary is using this to try to divide people once again. Now that’s a big story: the fact that Hillary is a singularly divisive figure in American politics, and hence is crippled in her ability to accomplish meaningful change if she were elected.”

Hillary explained very concisely in her response to this “news” my hesitancy to vote for her, since she couldn’t seem to laugh it off, snub or no snub.  Stupid, old, crass, bad politics, and just plain small-minded.

I think McCain and Huck (the perfect running mate for our next war President) can win easily.  You’ve got 5-10% of the population who wouldn’t vote for a woman or a black man right off the top, you’ve got stupid voters all over the place in both parties, you’ve got fear and all its political usefulness, you’ve got…well, stupid people mostly from the South and all-whitey rural areas everywhere, even in large urban populations.

The only ticket that has a real good chance against McCain/Huck is both Hillary and Barack in either order, and my own take is they’re both too self-involved and personally comfortable to care.

We deserve what we get.  Remember these words when you consider the economy of 2008-09.