Bloggers make more sense than Pundits because bloggers are not constricted by Villagespeak or any real influence and power.

Yet. The times they are a changin’. ThePeopleSpeak.


If Obama even just sucks, as long as he’s telling us why he’s doing what he’s doing in his clearly sensible way of doing so, he’ll be fine.

The bar is low.

I’m wondering lately if my general positive state of mind these days (despite job at risk) is related to such small, pathetic and clingy ideas like “hope.” Hoping my parents have enough money to die, hoping that I can trust my bank, hoping that none of my loved ones (and even my liked and unknown ones) need but do not have health care, hoping that we start plowing some money into things that make our lives better instead of killing and threatening people on the other side of the planet, hoping we stop wars on even ourselves, hoping that I’m no longer embarrassed to be an American.

Actually, that last one is already done. I don’t think I’m alone.

I’m sure all that’s part of it, but consciously, rationally, I think it’s more like a very assured and objective confidence that man, time, and place have converged.

Obama, at levels best described as savant, simply doesn’t get a lot of people bent out of shape. People misunderestimate the power of this characteristic.

How surreal it must be for him (and think about the wife and kids!) to have the weight of the world’s shoulders more or less suddenly earned.