…just go ahead and tell us you were repeatedly raped in prison and you subsequently have a terrifically tough time dealing with normal sexual behavior, you know, the “not rape” kind. We would TOTALLY understand that.

I also, too think that McCain’s media image can be rehabilitated (just not in the history books) by a confession that he’s about the biggest martyr-whore that ever walked the planet. “You know,” McCain says, laughing off his documented flip-flop on life itself, “this elected representative, marry-an-heiress thing kicks huge ass” would be just about enough to cleanse him in at least one voter’s eyes.*

Obligatory and sincere disclaimer: I believed in McCain once. I got my news from TV.**

Seriously, this is embarrassing stuff.

They’re quotes, people. Yes, they are “taken out of context.” *cough* But they are in such direct contradiction with each other without even the need for context, because they’re so diametrically opposed, context is rendered irrelevant.

Get it?

*You know, the world as we have it not want it…

**see, “shark, jumped, TV news”

I watched Matthews tonight, I’m watching Olbermann as I type, and I haven’t seen word ONE about Stewart’s interview with Cramer last night, even though it DID make the front pages of several prominent “news” outlets. Christ, my Mom heard about it on the radio. WGN talk radio in Chicago.

Disappointing, for sure, but entirely consistent with my world view.

No question at all the gag order is in effect.

Fight it, or slave for it. That’s pretty much what we’re down to.

Update: E-mail to NBC.com:

I found it awfully amusing, if terrifying, that the gag order was clearly in effect when it came to even your liberal shows not uttering a word about the Stewart-Cramer interview last night.

It’s a new world, and you should adapt to it. A desperate clinging to power is very unappealing. Think, “Mugabe.”

I watch Matthews almost religiously, I watch Olbermann from time to time especially lately, and I love the Maddow show because she’s just so damn smart and polite.

No WAY do they not talk about the Interview without orders not to do so.

With all due respect, fuck you. You’re missing a big money-maker, and that is the absolute rage felt by people on all sides of the political spectrum about reverse welfare. A corporation that can’t capitalize on widespread public rage deserves no investment.


John O

Update 2: Holy shit! Here’s a prediction I would bet the wife and kids on, if I had any: Shep Smith is not long for FOX “News.” This is VERY funny stuff. HUGE hat tip to John Cole for this work of art.

Update 3: Kudos to NBC. They’re floating a trial balloon with Maddow, to see if what she has to say sells, because she’s the first NBC employee to mention The Interview on TV air that I know of. I retract, if only a little since they’re still controlling who says what, my e-mail to NBC. Thank God they’re still curious about capitalism!

Update 4: Kudos are also in big order for Shepperd Smith at FOX. He MAY actually have a brain and conscience.

Update 5: Fuck you, NBC. You were OK with Rachel referring to it, but not talking about it. What a bunch of rich prick asshole anti-free speech losers you are.

Her “liberal” self is wailing on the Obama Administration fabulously.

Go watch her show on MSNBC.com.

Christ, I’m not even gay, have no idea what Glenn Greenwald looks like, am concerned that I want to see, but for some reason have a boner that he is on national TV. It’s about time.

They don’t call him Glenzilla for nuthin’. People should read Glenn more often. He’s in my blogroll.

Update: And I missed it, because I had an 8:30 PM meeting for WORK.

Regarding the stimulus package, we have at least one Congressperson who gets it.

She just said that the American people are “not dumb.”

Welcome to the beltway, Rachel. It was nice knowing you.

I live out here among the American people, and I can tell Rachel without any reservations that the American public is, in fact, “dumb,” at least when it comes to politics. I’m not excluding otherwise smart people.

Joe Mechanic may be a genius at fixing your car, and Josette Teacher may be the greatest ever. But their knowledge about politics is so far from those of us that pay attention, to declare they aren’t dumb is, well, dumb.

It isn’t really their fault, either. They simply lack the time to pay attention to the arcane details necessary to have even a clue about what they’re talking about.

Update: I don’t mean to be too critical of Rachel. She’s got some stones, as it were, and we all have to defer to our paychecks from time to time, me being no exception at all. I was watching this live, and it was one of those fantastic “cut to commercial” moments of awkwardness I love so much.

I thought Buchanan was going to have an aneurysm blow right there before the cut.

The original point stands. If the American public isn’t dumb, what is McCain doing going after them so transparently?

I think I just heard Morning Joe say that the reason we have a mortgage crisis is because regular people wanted to be Republicans.

Everyone: Why is Barack being criticized by Bill Kristol?

E. Robinson: Hey! By the way, the story had a HUGE factual error in it. And then he compares Obama to a cool new car with excellent features that get boring after a while.

Gregory: Is Obama in a spiral that forces him to go Evil on Clinton?

Joe: Of course, even though all factors favor Obama. And Obama is ambitious, but no one should care.

Consensus: Nobody in the Dem Party can fix FL. Deal has to be done.

Joe: Bad news for Democrats. (Ed. He left out that it always is.)

Joe brilliantly also points out that the Clinton marriage gets in the way of Bill uniting everyone.

Consensus: Dems are in deep doo. Even Rachel F. Maddow.

Chuck Todd: Al Gore and Nancy decide it. (Ed. Bad news for Hillary?) One good point. The delegates may use Gore for cover.

More Chuck: Rachel is right that Obama’s people and Clinton’s people need to get drunk together.

Commercial break. And I’m out. I can’t take it anymore. Not one word about all the good news breaking out of the Republican Party.

Honest to God, it’s like living in a movie. It’s gone past absurd into the surreal.

It’s like wanting Tucker back.

Jane, I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve ignored you.  It just isn’t so.  Holidays and family time and a welcome break from the psychosis…surely you can forgive me.

Because this is just another fucking gem, and I mean it.  I was watching this live, and the discomfort Rachel caused, along with Matthews’ little remarked upon, “Who’s that?” when it came to Josh and TPM (Josh, as in, He Who Broketh Attorneygate By His Own Li’l self) was simply priceless.  And then ol’ weird Chris did me the favor of tipping it in, by fake-self-deprecating himself on how much influence he had on the American electorate.

Well, Chris, you’re right about that.  But you have one HELLUVA lot of sway over all the other political reporters and even X% of the politicians themselves, because the political and big-shot pundrity class has become some freakish mutant malignant alliance; you’re all so obviously clubby now* (and I’ve noticed you’ve recently made quite the effort to tell each guest how “the best” they are), and anyway these guests generally perpetuate what you say, over time (as opposed to over, “anecdote”), so take your false modesty someplace else.  And take a weekend in the Hamptons and go to The Daily Howler, and search for yourself. 

Oh, jeez.  I literally mean, “do” a search for yourself, as in inside Somerby’s search box.  I don’t think you’ll find yourself in the spiritual sense of the word over a weekend.

It’s going to take you a full weekend to even get the flavor, if your codpiece is man enough to slog through it.  Personally, I’d love to see a rebuttal.  You can post YouTubes as evidence for your case. 

*(Except for Keith, who had to be choking on his tongue on NH Night.)

TV is stupid, but it can sure be entertaining sometimes when you have some idea of the actual personality dynamics.

We are in for one hot election year.  But we have to be encouraged by someone referencing the blogosphere and pounding an instutionalized figure like Chris with it, on a night with millions of TV viewers. 

I’m calling it, progress.  Thanks again, Jane.