But it sure is a lot easier to photograph him when he’s down.

Why Am I In This Thing?

Update: He is kicking my ass today. Been out about 10 times in a row without a poo. I’m like, “Dude, trust me on this one,” since he’s eaten twice today and had plenty of H20. A half-hour from his Dad’s last failure of a walk, and he’s sound asleep again. So I wait.

Update 2: And he waits me out again. Now 5:48 CST, and I’d say it’s been…8 hours? Sheesh. I keep trying to tell myself this is good news in the long run.

He’s showing me some will, which I also like.

Update 3: Nirvana! Poo, bath (not normal, very muddy here), BIG Play time, and the coup de grace, The Coming Together:

Not Bad for Night 3

(Slushy is the big gray mass in the background between my legs. He’s now in the dog’s crate, checking out the digs. I’d say he isn’t very threatened.)

My life is like “Must Love Dogs,” the movie, except without the dogs, Diane Lane or the cuteness and charm of John Cusack’s character.

I’m gonna chalk it up as a phase.