And I’m one of those strange Chicagoans who wants both the White Sox and the Cubs to do us proud, every year.

Now, that being said, my dream season is a Cubs-White Sox World Series in which it goes 7 games, and the Cubs win the 7th by 10, or by a home run by the pitcher in the 9th from the Cubs.

So I’m watching the Sox game, it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 7th, thus a true great nail-biter.

Go, White Sox! A World Series between the Cubs and W.Sox increases our odds of a 2016 Olympics at least a little.

I loves me some pitching duels. Great game. Sphincters tightening all over the place, including among multi-million dollar athletes.


Update! Thome hits one a mile into the center field bleachers! I loved the man even when he was a foreigner, baseball-wise. He plays the game like it should be played.

Update 2: Sox win, 1-0. Great game. Let the apocalypse begin.