Good thing nobody reads me.

So, just to add a post and pass along some better wisdom, I’ll cover considerable ground here.

Obama on IraN?* *flagrant late edit Yes. (Why don’t more conservatives try to elevate Larison to some sort of high-profile position?) This odd tension amongst the right between “supporting the protesters” and, “bombing the crap out of them” is just plain psychotic.

For a shorter version, go here. (Glenn’s typically incisive but longer linked post is, as almost always, worth a read.)

The idea of Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Button is so laughably insane it frightens the snot out of me. Those are the words of a politician, not a mother, and she put her kids out in front of the media (Look! My knocked up daughter didn’t listen to the abstinence shit I was allegedly preaching, and she’s getting married, the right thing to do!) in the first place.

Family values and all.

Can’t remember if Heywood planted this one in my head, or if I saw it myself and thought exactly the same thing. This one about a sicko mutilating neighborhood cats. Too gone to worry about. As Heywood and IOZ frequently point out, I think correctly, the world would be a lot nicer place with about 3 billion fewer people on it.

Speaking of IOZ, read him more often.

Radley has some funny on a dog who put people in jail, such a genius said dog is. Beware The Man. Radley is an Official Beware The Man National Treasure award recipient.

If you want to know what is going on in Iran, you might want to check out Andrew’s blog. Kudos to Andrew. When he locks in on a topic, he’s a monster of the good variety.

Nice fucking “regulation” on Financial Man, Mr. President. Like Kevin, I’ll hope the premature reports are inaccurate. Sadly, they rarely are.

I dunno. Just seems to me lately like I’ll be able to watch much of the revolution on a piece of furniture. Whether or not it comes is now moot, the only sensible bet is when, and the correct wager on that is, “It happens over a decade or two.” When people in Iran are complaining about The Man, The Man is On The Run.

So I watch, listen, read, and hope it doesn’t get all the way to my door.

I need to pass this along.

For the record, I really like Kevin Drum, and I like Matt Yglesias a lot, too. Both smart, sensible people.

The bottom line, though, is that HTML Mencken is better and smarter than either. Which is why he’ll never get a job with a major publication. God bless our beloved meritocracy.

Oh, and Peter B. is such an obvious status-pole-climber I’ve always thought he was a dick. So there.

One more thing: Early nominee for comment of the year, and it disturbs me that the voting is always weighted towards the end-of-year gems, because this one should stand tall and long:

Shit, if the Senate had magically gone 100-0 Democratic in the last election, Reid would build a totem Republican out of papier-mache and feces just so he could ritually cave to it.”

BIG kudos to Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist for that one.

This made me laugh pretty hard.

McCain is really going to want to fire him now, even though he can’t.

Digby in person! Amanda, truly actually pretty and not mean even once yet! Lee Papa, The legendary Rude Pundit right before my eyes! And where is this Drum fellow?

Jesse Taylor, a blogger of some repute at Pandagon but not read by me until his comeback.

Joking about this being “The Fuck Panel.”

I will put my laptop away and be good Audience now.

Update: Interesting discussion about the role of tone and seriousness and credibility of writing using words like fuck and shit and asshole.

My take. Different strokes for different folks. All voices are unique and most styles are, too. I drop the occasional fuck in from time to time, but I still consider this a somewhat conversational medium and use the word fuck in conversations from time to time. “Fuck” is, after all, the perfect word for any situation, good or bad, it performs every trick in the grammar dictionary, and when well-placed in context is just often plain funny.

And I know at the core of my being that senseless death and pointless violence and cruelty and subjugation, bigotry and hate are far more obscene than any word ever invented by anyone to describe anything. This was illuminated by all the panelists.

The more interesting part was the discussion about lines these bloggers don’t cross, and they were honest about it since I read them every day. Heck, it never occurred to me that The Rude Pundit had anything off-limits, and he pointed out that he doesn’t joke about killing anyone, and finds man-woman rape to be touchy, too.

Digby noted that she takes care to not make fun of people’s looks, which I do, too, if not with 100% success.

Atrios noted that with so many readers his filter has been a little more sensitized. Makes sense to me–if I knew 100,000 were stopping by from time to time, including several Serious Villagers, I might be more careful, too.

I think Amanda’s opinion was that she would write what she wanted, and would try to be smart about it. It was hard to listen to her given the shock I had being unable to see either horns or a barbed tail. She has a very warm, natural, frequent smile, and I just couldn’t see any anger signs in her eyes or affect.

I’m glad about that. Sometimes you can see those things on people’s faces. Considering the cornucopia of stuff Amanda has “going on,” as they say, it was nice to see a peaceful, happy face.

The never-shrill Kevin Drum was like, my age! I had pictured him younger. And confessed he uses the 7 words you can’t say on TV in real life.

One of the great things about doing this, even pseudo-anonymously, is matching names with faces and telling them you sincerely enjoy their work. I would hope I never got tired of hearing that.

It’s my birthday, get off me. Plus, it’s what I do best.

Anyway, this is a good one from Kevin Drum, sort of in at least in my own mind, “Are we EVER going to hold anyone accountable?”

No, Kevin. But keep fighting the good fight.

I can’t believe the American public is letting the government get away with this.  What a boatload of stupid.

On FISA.  The GOP is just so transparently corrupt.  I wonder if the electorate is just holding off until November to voice their opinion about all this? 

Update:  Kevin has more.  And the short answer to his question is, “Because the GOP is better at playing politics.”

Update 2:  IOZ understands the REAL dynamic as well as anyone.  I mean, duh.  Power tends to corrupt.  Though I doubt anything quite so literal as a meeting took place.  In Corporate America, some things are just understood unsaid.

Update 3:  OTOH, maybe CNN IS as bad as IOZ suggests.  This is certainly a clumsy exercise in power.

It’s all just too depressing for me to go after, and besides, there are a bunch of people with far greater intestinal fortitude, and writing skills, who’ve done it for me.

J. Heywood with a doubleheader of spot-on analysis.  As with the tragedy of Steve Irwin, I always find myself coming down on the animal’s side, in the latter link to J.

More good news for the little guy, and more bad news for The Man, courtesy your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Just kidding, of course.

Kevin Drum on George Bush going on trips to promote democ…champion freed…spread peace (!)…whatever it is he thinks he’ll be doing other than making every country he visits remember why we’re now hated.

Politics 201:  Never waste any time taking advantage of an assassination of someone we needed.  There are elections to be won.  How proud they must all be.  I will add, once again, that there is no stopping someone willing to die for a cause.  The very discussion of it is absurd and ridiculous; trimming the branches of the terrorism problem by ignoring the healthy tree.

And Digby on President Cheney’s personal, paranoid, peculiar world-view and overall competence.

One other thing, since Cheney came up.  Every time I hear a suicide bomber described as a “coward,” I wince.  A psychopath or sociopath, a religious nutjob, a poor, desperate person, a brainwashed moron, any combination of the above or more I can take.  But coward?  No.

Which brings us back to President Cheney.  HE is a coward.  The classic cowardly bully.  Five Viet Nam deferments takes a little bit of cowardice, and 9-11 made him wet his pants so bad he changed his entire world-view, from an absolutely sane and prescient view of the idea of taking Baghdad during Gulf War 1 (you can WATCH him say it, if you don’t believe it), to an absolutely paranoid, intelligence manipulating, Bush manipulating power whore of epic proportions.  No one ever knows where he is, and he rarely speaks in front of anyone, though periodically he comes out to spew the Gospel in front of wildly sympathetic warmongers like himself.  He never does anything without intense secrecy and security.  Those things, at least to me, define cowardice far better than someone willing to strap a bomb to their guts and end it all.

Dick Cheney is a coward.  He wouldn’t even blow himself up for a huge bonus check.  He wouldn’t blow himself up for his wife and daughters. 

I would say he’s also a delusional pyschopath, but I don’t know the man personally.  He’s a coward, though.  The record on that one is clear.

I thought Romney’s speech was good, except for one truly fatal flaw, which Kevin Drum sums up here better than I could.

If you haven’t figured out by now that self-described religious leaders (which I would assume entails the followers) are no more solid than the rest of us, morally-speaking, you are sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich with a sand snorting habit.  Catholic Church pedophilia, Muslim violence, Evangelical hypocrisy, the list is basically endless.

Get a grip.  The fact that we’re even DISCUSSING our POTUS’ religious ideals is sickening, and very indicative of how far we have fallen.

Update:  OK, two things about it really pissed me off.  But, politically, I still think it was what he needed to do.

I hate to get all crass about this, but where will America go if our choice is between a nigger, a woman, or a Mormon?  Because there’s a very good chance that the lizard-brain of the American electorate will make these factors real, whether we want to admit it or not.

It’s all too weird for me to process.  Since none of those things should matter, but most certainly will.

I live in a different country than an awful lot of us. 

I love my country.  I just increasingly wish I had a little more respect for it.

Update 2:  Shit, why bother when you have The Rude Pundit, who freakishly in his genius, once again gets it exactly right?

Watch the press conference.  And then ask yourself, “Wait, you didn’t ask about the details until last week?  Before you mentioned WWIII?”  Note this was AFTER the NIE told him they had some new information.

Watch the presser, and decide for yourself.

We are left with only two possible conclusions:  The Intelligence folks told Bush they had some new news to give him back in August about Iran, and he didn’t bother to ask what it was, or he’s a bald-faced liar.  Sure, Chris Matthews hates Hillary Clinton, but it may by possible that he hates the Cheney Administration worse, because during his Andrea Mitchell segment today, he more or less called our POTUS a bald-faced liar.

Give him a break.  He’s got White House cocktail weenies to consume.  But he said something along the lines of, you’d have to be a complete idiot to believe him, and Mrs. Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell, couldn’t have agreed more strongly.

These people are crazy.  Not politically crazy, though they’re that, too.  Clinically fucking nuts.  War lovers.  Power mongers.  Oil whores.

Bat.  Shit.  Crazy.

This is just a TERRIFIC example of how the Corporate Press works.  Sure, a Republican hack disguised as a journalist wrote it, but someone at the notoriously, too bad Tim McVeigh didn’t bomb them NY Times had to print it.

Unbelievable.  And instructive.

Update:  Kevin Drum has a reasonable, “fair and balanced” analysis, with which I agree wholeheartedly. 

It just won’t matter, though it should.