I did not know this to the degree I felt I could post it.

I should like this man (Senator Joe. I obviously like Steve a lot), but I don’t. I blame the system, government-wise. I think our Founders got the idea that people just can’t help it to a pretty strong degree.

Update: The Duke Cunningham thing and the Wall St. bailout pretty much sealed my cynicism deal. I don’t believe the Duke came into Congress like he left it.

I hope that every peaceful and legal (waterboarding?) means to torture Joe Lieberman is used to harass him long after he leaves the Senate and joins AIPAC. I want scorn heaped upon him if he steps out of his cocoon to be the new normal, for Joe. I want people who lost loved ones because of their crappy or absent health care to camp out on the nearest public property near Joe’s home for if he has the stones to come out. I want him to understand some hardship.

What an incredible asshole.

The man obviously has no plans to run again. (Or principles.) I hope the Dem The Man can figure that out, which does not in any way require a PhD in poli-sci.

I don’t care.

He’s a political dead man walking, no matter what.

Kick him out, keep him, it just doesn’t matter to me. If you keep him, make sure he’s on a very short leash. If you let him go, wait until those social issues come up, and have a good laugh at the GOP.

Both sides think he’s a dick, finally. And that’s all that matters in the end.

To me, anyway.

There just isn’t anyone in American politics outside most everyone who holds or once held a high-level Bush Administration job that I loathe more than Joe Lieberman, who seems to have cast aside all rationality after 9-11 made him wet his bed.

Heywood J. delivers an epic smack-down of ol’ Joe here. Hammer of the Blogs is one fine website if you like good writing and funny, harsh political/cultural analysis.

Honestly, I can’t figure out how I ever respected Alf’s Dad in the first place.

Update: Thanks to tristero, who puts it, you know, smartly and all, not unlike Heywood. I’m too dismissive of the whole thing to bother with it. It is insane; nothing more needs to be said, at least by me.

Is there any politician on the national stage more hated than Lieberman?

Yeah, but still. Joe is at least working towards #1.

Funny Headline.