Oh for Christ’s sake. Presumably none of our Talking Heads has ever had something they said turned into a national “news” story by having their words psychoanalyzed into some twisted narrative of the ghoulish motive of the speaker.

Why doesn’t the media ever comment on what it is like to have virtually your every word recorded? Could it be because they don’t have any idea what it IS like, but relate their own on-air experience as some sort of life equivalent, and rationalize it that way?

One thing is for sure. Everyone, not just the candidates, is beat up and tired.

I get tired just paying attention to it. Please let’s get it over with.

Update: As usual, Attaturk gets it right on, with an assist from Juan Cole.

I would have to say she has the uneducated racist white vote locked up. Personally, I think she might be the best suited Dem to capture the GOP base of uneducated racists.

Terry McCauliffe said Hillary’s speech would be one of the “best of all time.”

That could mean a lot of different things. He’s seen it, though, so that should count for something. The problem is, he’s a money-whore shill of craptacular proportions, so his definition may be different than mine.

Update: Exit poll: 95% white. 68% to Clinton of whitey. 72% whitey earning less than the median. 74% women whitey. 65% without a college degree. She’s gotta be proud.

MS-1 is where the action is tonight.

Update: I’m not making fun of people without college degrees. I grew up with them, lived with them, love them, and respect them. It’s just that they’re not all that politically attuned. And, for the record, college educated voters are not very politically savvy, either. Many of them want no more than to know which candidate will lower their taxes. That’s it. The rest of the country should just work harder.

What a surprise. He starts the show with more J. Wright, and how can Obama get out from under it?

The Rude Pundit has it right. Shorter: You know, a lot of women would have “completely distanced themselves” from their husbands after a lifetime of putting up with the spouse’s philandering. When we gonna start hearing that?

Not to mention the things you could say along the same lines about Laura Bush.

“She stayed with a complete idiot! And he was DRUNK for much of their marriage, at LEAST.”

If there were a campaign job for counterpunching, I would be really good at it, but too mean to live with myself, probably. I hate this irrelevant crap.

My man IOZ, who is quickly becoming a hero of mine, has another one right exactly spot-on.

The “State” will be patriarchal and controlling (in a necessarily patriarchal way) for a long, long, time.

Me, I think women should just start withholding sex and labor. THAT will bring progress, if done in a massive and organized way.

As a matter of fantasy politics, I would love to see ALL sane people (read: including non-dittohead Republicans) take a few days off after Nov. 4, if McCain wins. IOZ is right, there won’t be much difference in the end, but it would send a fun message.

I hereby declare the post election week a National Holiday of protest against the stupid, patriarchal, religiocorporocentric world in which we live.

Way back when, in a time long ago forgotten by political junkies, I had the privilege of engaging Mrs. Marsh at YKos, for at least 10-20 minutes, or until someone cooler came along.

At some point in the conversation, I mentioned her obvious Hillary-leanings.  Not so, she said, emphatically.  I said, what are you talking about?  It’s easy to see when you read enough of anyone’s stuff.  Still no admission from Taylor.

Now things have gotten intense, and she’s more or less declared, just as I said, for Hillary.  I don’t know if she’s done this officially, I don’t think so, but the sentiment is clear.

Which leaves me to wonder about the infinite nature of the human experience.  Did she really believe it at the time?  I knew she had not formally endorsed, so I didn’t press her on it, not in the least because I was in the presence of an extremely informed, strong, smart, pretty woman, which always leaves me a little tongue-tied.

I have no beef with her preference, because as I’ve said many times I think Hillary would be a very good POTUS, and infinitely better than (now) McCain.  Hillary is very much a realist, like me, and I think anyone who doesn’t believe she’ll be able to affect change quicker/sooner than Obama is not being very realistic.

That said, I argued with her about the irrational Hillary-hatred that pervades the country, and voiced my opinion that her ceiling is too low to take that chance.  It was an odd thing, arguing against a candidate I would vociferously support should that be my choice.  Again, I was Johnny Polite, because my combativeness only displays its full colors among people who know me well enough not to take things personally.

The time has come for Taylor to be taking a beating for her unabashed (now) Hillary support.  Taylor is an eloquent, impassioned voice for Hillary.  (This is just one example of many in the blogosphere.  Personally, I think she’s gone too far, particularly with her diatribe against a spouse–consider Michelle’s perspective, Taylor; walk a mile in another woman’s shoes–I’ve never been 100% proud of my country, ever since I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, when I was about 15.  I love my country, and respect it in general, but not much over the last 7 years, and never unconditionally.) 

I don’t get why she’s so opposed to Obama, because as someone who will vote for a child before I vote for another Republican, given what this Administration has done to our country, until the Dems screw things up in equal but opposite ways, since I think Obama’s strengths, while in a completely different paradigm than Clinton’s, are equally formidable. 

I think he has the best chance of getting a coalition that is difficult if not impossible to filibuster.  I think one of the job requirements in 24/7/365 media coverage is to be able to inspire.  To lead from the bottom up.  Words DO matter, even if I agree with Taylor on the purely practical aspects of Hillary’s advantages.  Life is not a very objective sport, and politics, as the GOP has proven time and time again for 20 years, has very little to do with pragmatism, unless you’re rich and/or born with the proverbial silver spoon coming out your ass.

Lets keep our eye on the big ball, folks, and try not to make the GOP’s job any easier than it already is, having so many ignorant, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, doctrinaire voters to count on.

Just sayin’.

Oh, one other thing:  I still think Taylor is terrific, because I love passionate, brilliant women.  Just because I disagree with her approach does not make this thing personal for me.  Politics SHOULD be passionate. 

Passion is not objective.  (But my Randian impulses tell me it should be.)  So there.

I speak of course of Hillary and Obama’s alleged meeting at the SOU.

This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen Media Man do, and that is saying a whole lot.  I’m sure Matthews covered it diligently.

Imagine being photographed every minute of every day.  Hell, imagine being photographed as often as YOU, Average Joe/Joe-ette has been photographed.  No embarrassing or easily misrepresented photos in your history?  I scoff at the notion.  For God’s sake, bad or easily misrepresented photographs are a part of the cultural fabric of anyone I’ve EVER known.  And, hmmm…yes, that’s right, all of them, every single one, is NOT famous and photographed all the time!

Surely a greater blogger than I has taken this on, and while I’m in the midst of my standard pre-trip packing nightmare of wondering what I’m going to forget, I just had to stop by and offer up a comment on this absolutely useless waste of zillions of dollars of media time.  *sigh*  I suppose it sells, but anyone who doesn’t keep that in mind, above all, is a moron.

Update:  Well, after a good 3 minutes looking around, I found a satisfying response.  But what do you know!  It was just a comment on a major magazine blog.  From cm:

Gee…it’s good to know that the media is focusing on the issues that Americans care most about, like the economy, healthcare, Iraq, … oh, I forgot, the public cares more about the “snub.”

There are soldiers dying in Iraq, which Hillary Clinton shares partial responsibility for, and the media focuses on the “snub.” Many people lack adequate healthcare, but hey, who cares, there’s the “snub.” Many people are losing their homes, but hey, who cares…I’m sure these people would rather fixate on the “snub” whether they have a home or not.

I do not care whether the snub was real or coincidence. Does it really matter? If it was real, then fine…Obama’s human too, and Hillary and Bill have been taking some pretty mean shots at him, including trying to marginalize him on racial terms.

When the media plays this stuff up, they lose the right to complain about any lack of seriousness or results in our political system. They lose the right to complain that Americans do not fully understand the issues, vote on only superficial reasons, or that the candidates themselves are lacking in election after election. They lose the right to complain that candidates use petty and demeaning tactics.

Notice also how Hillary is using this to try to divide people once again. Now that’s a big story: the fact that Hillary is a singularly divisive figure in American politics, and hence is crippled in her ability to accomplish meaningful change if she were elected.”

Hillary explained very concisely in her response to this “news” my hesitancy to vote for her, since she couldn’t seem to laugh it off, snub or no snub.  Stupid, old, crass, bad politics, and just plain small-minded.

I think McCain and Huck (the perfect running mate for our next war President) can win easily.  You’ve got 5-10% of the population who wouldn’t vote for a woman or a black man right off the top, you’ve got stupid voters all over the place in both parties, you’ve got fear and all its political usefulness, you’ve got…well, stupid people mostly from the South and all-whitey rural areas everywhere, even in large urban populations.

The only ticket that has a real good chance against McCain/Huck is both Hillary and Barack in either order, and my own take is they’re both too self-involved and personally comfortable to care.

We deserve what we get.  Remember these words when you consider the economy of 2008-09.

And the good news is, you don’t even have to leave your ass.

This is a wonderful summary of the blogswarm taking poor ol’ Chris Matthews of “Hardball” fame by such surprise, so caught up in his own narrative that he couldn’t even see it coming, that if forced him to make a lame apology at the top of his show last week.  Many of us Hardball junkies had known Chris’ hatred of Hillary was obvious and consistent, but when he finally went so far as to piss off millions of people who did not, in fact, support Hillary, these regular people, like you and me, became so enraged by the ad hominem attacks she has suffered through for 15 years that action was taken.

And it was especially notable because the blogosphere is not generally fond of Hillary.  That’s how bad Matthews’ constant personal attacks had become.  For the blogosphere, it isn’t personal.  For the entrenched Washington Media Man, it can’t be anything BUT personal.

I told some friends of how this was a big moment in citizen history; most of them just looked at me like I was nuts.  There is a long way to go.  But progress is being made.  Neither the left nor the right will let any blatantly false crap get through Media Man’s filter anymore without challenge, and this is a great thing for all of us.

We, the citizens who love this country have become the new watchdogs, because the Corporate Media is owned by 5 conglomerates, and anytime that circumstance arises, watchdogs are sorely needed.

George Bush the Lesser has screwed up everything he’s ever touched, even before he went into politics.  For me, hope is hanging by a very fragile thread.  This episode wove that thread with a little nylon to toughen it up.

Sincere thanks to all who participated.  Even though Chris forgot to apologize for his dozens of other attacks, it was a step in a truly beautiful direction.

P.S.  My only complaint with Eric’s post is that he gave no love to Somerby at the Howler, who has been raving about this stuff for years, and has a great post of recent vintage about the “liberals” Matthews has on all the time that never called him on his overt Hillary-hatred.  Money quote:

Read that compilation by Foser. Then, understand the following fact: To this day, in the face of that record, you’ve never seen a serious profile of Matthews by The Washington Monthly, by The American Prospect, by The New Republic, by Salon or The Nation. (Eric Alterman has done a few limited pieces. This isn’t Alterman’s fault.) Right up to this very day, with liberal anger and consciousness rising, these utterly worthless “liberal” journals have kept refusing to speak about this man’s gruesome conduct. Meanwhile, how much have you heard from the house-broken rising stars who “blog” at these great liberal journals? We’re fairly sure you know the answers: Nothing, next-to-nothing, not much.

These “liberal journals” have still refused to speak. (Although Salon has been doing better.) Though the most likely reason seems fairly clear, you ought to be asking them why.

When on earth will these journals start telling their readers about loathsome Matthews?

Finally, let’s name someone else—someone else who has endlessly failed to speak about Brother Matthews. Have you heard a single fucking word about any of this from E. J. Dionne? A single word from this high-placed man, in the course of ten fucking years? Go ahead: Just read that compilation by Foser, then ask yourself how that can be! And of course, it isn’t just E.J. Have you ever heard a single word from Gene Robinson; from Mark Shields; from Richard Cohen; from Al Hunt? Have you heard a word from Kinsley? From Meacham? From Alter? What has in-group lackey Doris Kearns Goodwin ever found the stonage to offer? Have you ever heard a single fucking word from the world’s greatest liberal, Frank Rich? A single word from Bob Herbert? As all this trashing and lying transpired, did you hear even one person speak?

Go ahead—reread Foser’s piece. Then ask this: When did people like Dionne plan to speak up about Matthews? How many decades would have gone by before these great liberal stars would have acted? Of course, E.J.’s an occasional guest on Hardball—and Robinson appears on the show fairly often. But then, so does the silent Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the silent Nation. We hope the bump in circulation is worth the blood on this old journal’s hands.”

Update:  It is clear that Chris is going to try to get his revenge.  He did his first segment tonight on the wildly overblown Obama-Clinton debate dustup, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the problems facing this country.  I think he’s a spiteful man.  And boy would I like to interview the Mrs.

Update 2:  Walter Cronkite is DEAD, literally and figuratively.  Question authority, and get over Wally’s death by moving in to the new paradigm.  He would be proud of you.

Update 3!  As a commenter pointed out, Walter Cronkite is most certainly NOT literally dead.  Sheesh.  You’d think his coming out as a proponent of Drug War reform, a pet issue, would remind me.  Sincere apologies to Walter, and to anyone who reads this, for the brain-cramp.

There, I said it.

He’s the smartest man, politically, which encompasses just a whole range of shit some of us like to call, “policy,” or, “life,” of my generation.

For 15 years, almost, I’ve told everyone I know that I trust Bill far more than I trust Hillary.  Which is why she’s now my third choice, up from fourth after Dodd dropped out, in the primary.  I buy her argument completely and totally that she’ll be able to hit the ground running the fastest.  But I want a distance runner, not a sprinter.  And I want money’s neck stomped on.  Hard.

Anyway, guys like Bill that can’t stop chasing their wanks are a dime a dozen.  Anybody who says they don’t know one or more, and claims they’re all menaces to society or in any other way related-failures I’m calling out as a liar.

Some would say that the history of The Man dictates almost universally a free pass on the sex life, and I’m including Cleopatra and the Catholic Church.  We are higher grade, but animals still, and the alpha-dog concept is so visually obvious in everyday life it isn’t even worth quibbling about.

And I believe Bill is 100% sincere about his comments about Barack.  It’s awfully dangerous turf to get on for the Democrats, politically, to make this a sexist/racist war.  And Bill Clinton is as far from a racist as whitey gets.  For Christ’s sake, “he’s our first black President” is not part of the cultural idiom for no reason at all.

And Obama runs a close second in the race to sexist crap with either Clinton, if Obama doesn’t beat them in the racist event.  Duh.

And Barack is half-white, too.  Leave this narrative alone, if you’re a smart blogger.  And don’t hold your breath about Media Man playing along with the idea.

Update:  I DON’T love Bill Clinton for his civil liberties record, or his failure in general to fight hard for the progressive agenda I believe he believes would be Utopia.  He’s a very realistic and simultaneously optimistic human being.  And he took what his slut-ass, Monica-groping impeached redneck (by Village terms) could get, realistically. 

Which turned out to be quite a bit, as all of us, even the Republican voters, have known someone who has fucked around less than openly, and gave Bill a pass in terms of political popularity.  The more memorable of you would possibly remember the same, “Why does the (opposition party, in Clinton’s impeachment days, the Gingrich Congress, even though ol’ Newt was fucking at least one extra woman himself) always give in to the President’s agenda!!!!,” forgetting that we all want somone to take care of us if we can get it.   

We impeached Clinton for lying about extramarital BJ’s, of which he got 11, and finished twice, according to the Starr Report.  Over a year or two.  This is not an insanely out-of-control sex life, ladies and gents.

Our current President has treated the Constitution (a goddamn piece of paper) like hemorrhoidal wipes, and lied or forgot anything that has to do with anything important (relative to consensual intra-office BJ’s), along with his dick-sucking personal attorney and OH!  I FORGOT!  our Attorney General, as in, the top “law enforcement” official in the good ol’ US of A, and somehow Bush The Lesser And Really Stupid gets a pass because Media Man loves ’em some cocktail weenies courtesy the WH party invitation.  And telling themselves how smart and cool they are since they’re at the White House.

Our only chance comes with voters getting their news from someplace other than TV.

Beware The Man.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  We’re not there yet.  But even states like Iowa are slowly catching on.  Huckabee did not exactly thrill GOP Man.  And still doesn’t.

When the masses vote this time, the big names and media favorites will still, most likely, win.  It’s only the people paying attention, on either side of the aisle, who “get it,” those of us knowledgeable and informed at this point in our Meta-political cycle.  People are slowly, often the hard way, learning that The Man doesn’t give a shit about them despite the platitudes The Man offers.  But you have to pay some attention to understand how at this point in the cycle.  Before too long, if I have Economy Man right, you won’t have to pay attention, because the reality will slap you in the face, via a serious illness, mortgage/credit problems, a final accounting of the Iraq war, gas prices, “entitlement” costs, etc.  Attaturk has a funny post and video on this concept.

Hillary represents a potential loss of arguably the easiest election to win since G. Washington, and more of the corporate-same.  She is, in most ways, the Democrats’ “Man.”

And I’ll STILL vote for her with pride, should it come down to it.

I’m very serious about not letting a Republican in the White House for four/eight more years.  I’ll spend the rest of my life watching my country circle the same drain every other imperialist, arrogant, “our Way is the only Way” superpower has at any point in history, if the GOP wins the WH.

Go ahead, link me a historic superpower that didn’t blow it with their own arrogance.

Since that is what Hillary did when asked absurd questions by FOX “News.”

Rudy laughed 15 times at the Great and Almighty Russert’s questions on MTP on Sunday, and I haven’t heard one word yet that equals cackle.

And why does Chris Cillizza get so much airtime, since he seems to be retardedJ. Heywood wants to know, too.

Update:  Atrios picks up the theme, with the help of Media Matters, who, God/Me bless them, bother to wade through the double-standard insanity so I don’t have to.

Because I just can’t.  I’m sorry.  It’s too depressing.  I can’t afford it emotionally.