I didn’t start reading blogs until 4-5 years ago, and what a whole new world it was for me. There are some terrific, funny, sensible reality-based people inhabiting this strange country of ours, and I delight in reading them, except for the horror that many of them expose, precisely to Heywood’s point. Though I’m out of the Corporate Media game now, I couldn’t help but watch the “experts” discuss things I was interested in on The Great Furniture of Learning about through early last year.

Several of my favorite bloggers specialize in humiliating and laughing at those “on the other side,” a generic term used here only for the purposes of pointing out that there are some rational Republicans (or at least conservative) who remain and make good cases, Larison, Sullivan, Frum at least 1 out 10 since he recognizes the beast he fed, etc.

I simply don’t have the stomach to wade through the misinformation and ideology, but I’m glad someone else is doing it, because it really is sort of startling to learn how much absolute factual crap is published by allegedly “reliable” sources on either side and if you don’t believe me read Bob Somerby for a couple weeks, or years like I did. (Which, interestingly, I no longer do, but only because I almost universally agree with at least the proverbial “larger” point he’s trying to make after a year or two.) And it takes time to figure that out, namely that you have to click through supporting links and actually read. Often, “think,” too. It’s work.

So what REALLY happened over the last decade in my case was exactly what Heywood is getting at, the exposure to just how many multi-million strong bands of complete fucking basket cases are out there. “Keep the government out of my Medicare!” comes immediately to mind, though the examples are legion. “Get a brain, morans” is another. The dude had to have people in his life who knew he was going to protest, or maybe were even WITH the guy, and nobody pointed out the misspelling before he got a picture taken? That’s geometric stupid.

So, this a great read. Satisfying, except for the part about when the Stupid regains power, and how I’m going to cope with it, seeing as how my only other choice is both chronically weak and politically incompetent. (I’m sure there’s a correlation there, personally, since it’s goddamn genetic to avoid weak leaders, IMHO.)

The other positive thing I’ll say about the blogosphere is that someone else can almost always put the swirling thoughts in your head down in prose so well a “Right on” is near obligatory.

21st Century soul mates? I like the old kind better, but that’s only because get off my lawn.

…and Wall St.’s subsequent behavior did a lot to destroy any faith I had left in the current system we call American capitalism.

Heywood says it better than I ever could.

Me, I’ll never listen to anyone complain about a poor person’s “sense of entitlement” again without a fight. Never. And I will club those who try over the head with Wall St.’s behavior while I’m giving Wall St. money to pay the nanny-nut for the care their children need on the family vacation in Monaco.

These people are not good people.

Update: Yes, yes, I know most of them have “paid the money back with interest.” And it all came merrily trickling down to Main St., happily ever after.

…and I hate Peggy Noonan, whose sanctimonious preening holier-than-thou crap has been irritating me for a decade, at least. (I know, she’s a very Serious Person.)

So I especially enjoyed this.

Update: OK, I don’t “hate” Peggy Noonan, as I don’t know her personally. But I do hate her public persona. It’s condescending, and boy do I hate being condescended to. In fact, I challenge any public figure to a Condescension Contest, live on TV, the only place that matters.

Sooner or later on any particular thing, I can find some other blogger who says it way better than I could, even if I was writing and editing the same subject the whole time it took for me to find the others’ posts.

Heywood J and me are soulmates.

IOZ got my attitude about climate change to the word to the tune of about 97% (and one other near 100%er on our high-altitude global economic condition and the reasons therefore), and Heywood raises the bar, or at least approaches it, on the state of politics in our country here.

IOW, what IOZ and Heywood said. To a very high degree. One standard deviation away, minimum.

Besides thanking George W. Bush for making me glad I’m as old as I am, being the “make some lemonade” kind of guy that I am, I think I’ve found another.

The NY Times (and several other publications, to be fair) have been writing a lot of stories about how those poor, poor rich people are having to cut back. Atrios has been particularly alert to this, and they’re always funny, if one can distance one’s self from the utter horror of it all. It is about “entitlement.”

For just a whole lot of my decades-long sentient political life, I heard Republicans whining and whining to the point of boredom about poor people’s “sense of entitlement,” the “welfare mother” stuff writ large, so the Wall St. abortion has turned me into an almost Hulk-like figure should some sad person bring up “entitlement” in the context of poor people ever again, within my earshot.

Here’s kinda what I mean, in three lovely posts.




These people (Paul Sullivan) don’t have any idea where most of America resides. This is way, way off-the-reservation material.

I do believe these, in combination, are the best two concise explanations of our woes I’ve ever read or agreed with or just loved.

from Heywood J.

How about you go out there and argue with him if you don’t think what he says is true?

….yes, and yes.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what the proverbial “next generation” (or two) will face, and I don’t think it is going to be pretty.

I can’t remember who said it, but it was a beaut, and went something along the lines of, “The only good reason to blog is out of spite.”

So there’s that.

Good thing nobody reads me.

So, just to add a post and pass along some better wisdom, I’ll cover considerable ground here.

Obama on IraN?* *flagrant late edit Yes. (Why don’t more conservatives try to elevate Larison to some sort of high-profile position?) This odd tension amongst the right between “supporting the protesters” and, “bombing the crap out of them” is just plain psychotic.

For a shorter version, go here. (Glenn’s typically incisive but longer linked post is, as almost always, worth a read.)

The idea of Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Button is so laughably insane it frightens the snot out of me. Those are the words of a politician, not a mother, and she put her kids out in front of the media (Look! My knocked up daughter didn’t listen to the abstinence shit I was allegedly preaching, and she’s getting married, the right thing to do!) in the first place.

Family values and all.

Can’t remember if Heywood planted this one in my head, or if I saw it myself and thought exactly the same thing. This one about a sicko mutilating neighborhood cats. Too gone to worry about. As Heywood and IOZ frequently point out, I think correctly, the world would be a lot nicer place with about 3 billion fewer people on it.

Speaking of IOZ, read him more often.

Radley has some funny on a dog who put people in jail, such a genius said dog is. Beware The Man. Radley is an Official Beware The Man National Treasure award recipient.

If you want to know what is going on in Iran, you might want to check out Andrew’s blog. Kudos to Andrew. When he locks in on a topic, he’s a monster of the good variety.

Nice fucking “regulation” on Financial Man, Mr. President. Like Kevin, I’ll hope the premature reports are inaccurate. Sadly, they rarely are.

I dunno. Just seems to me lately like I’ll be able to watch much of the revolution on a piece of furniture. Whether or not it comes is now moot, the only sensible bet is when, and the correct wager on that is, “It happens over a decade or two.” When people in Iran are complaining about The Man, The Man is On The Run.

So I watch, listen, read, and hope it doesn’t get all the way to my door.

It’s been a pretty strange week on the personal front, and the politics I typically really enjoy are sucking the life out of me like a mutant, giant and very hungry mosquito.

So I seek out refreshment in the form of someone of like mind. And who tells the tale wonderfully.

We’re in for some big, big trouble. The Stupid and Craven is pandemic. Not only that, It runs everything.