John Cole sums up just a whole gunnysack fulla problems.

(And the Rolling Stone writer he’s referring to is Matt Tiabbi, whom I can’t believe Goldman-Sachs hasn’t disappeared yet.)


That last part is particularly special.

Hat tips all over the place.

…on Hardball, this jumped out at me. Molinari, apparently taking the new GOP talking points out for a test drive, says something along the lines of she (Sotomayor) has a very wonderful and American story that we should celebrate, which doesn’t mean we can’t ask her some very tough questions, to which Tancredo grunts reluctant agreement.

Which brought to mind what those questions might be: “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Mexican race?” Tancredo, livid for much of the segment, was just a great spokesperson for the nutjobs, who in fairness ought to be given more air time.

It’s spectacular. I can’t believe how Pavlovian the GOP response has been. Beyond stupid, politically, beyond stupid, humanely.

Update: Dear GOP, Sonia Sotomayor has been a judge for about a zillion years, relative to her peers. There’s got to be something out there in all those decisions that will make me sympathetic. Find one. Then I’ll listen. Honest.

Update 2: In Susan Molinari’s defense, she may not have been parroting GOP talking points. She may have been sincere, and kudos to her if she was. She’s a Republican woman, by definition in a tough spot.

I watched Matthews tonight, I’m watching Olbermann as I type, and I haven’t seen word ONE about Stewart’s interview with Cramer last night, even though it DID make the front pages of several prominent “news” outlets. Christ, my Mom heard about it on the radio. WGN talk radio in Chicago.

Disappointing, for sure, but entirely consistent with my world view.

No question at all the gag order is in effect.

Fight it, or slave for it. That’s pretty much what we’re down to.

Update: E-mail to

I found it awfully amusing, if terrifying, that the gag order was clearly in effect when it came to even your liberal shows not uttering a word about the Stewart-Cramer interview last night.

It’s a new world, and you should adapt to it. A desperate clinging to power is very unappealing. Think, “Mugabe.”

I watch Matthews almost religiously, I watch Olbermann from time to time especially lately, and I love the Maddow show because she’s just so damn smart and polite.

No WAY do they not talk about the Interview without orders not to do so.

With all due respect, fuck you. You’re missing a big money-maker, and that is the absolute rage felt by people on all sides of the political spectrum about reverse welfare. A corporation that can’t capitalize on widespread public rage deserves no investment.


John O

Update 2: Holy shit! Here’s a prediction I would bet the wife and kids on, if I had any: Shep Smith is not long for FOX “News.” This is VERY funny stuff. HUGE hat tip to John Cole for this work of art.

Update 3: Kudos to NBC. They’re floating a trial balloon with Maddow, to see if what she has to say sells, because she’s the first NBC employee to mention The Interview on TV air that I know of. I retract, if only a little since they’re still controlling who says what, my e-mail to NBC. Thank God they’re still curious about capitalism!

Update 4: Kudos are also in big order for Shepperd Smith at FOX. He MAY actually have a brain and conscience.

Update 5: Fuck you, NBC. You were OK with Rachel referring to it, but not talking about it. What a bunch of rich prick asshole anti-free speech losers you are.

After disgusting and ignorant human being and pathetic right-wing shrill Congresscritter Michelle Bachmann went on Hardball last night and managed to get in every loony accusation and talking point in the right wing’s equally pathetic “arsenal” on Obama, as well as calling for an investigation into her fellow Congresscritters’ patriotism…

…something very cool happened. Her opponent raised over $400,000 in 24 hours, from all over the country.

And I was a proud donor. You can be, too. It’s fast and easy, and even $10 matters.

Be gone, Michelle. And no, I don’t think you’re anti-American. In fact, I think you represent a creepily large portion of America. I’ll have pretty accurate count of that proportion come Nov. 5.

His tribute to RFK tonight was very nice. Damn near appropriate. (Coulda devoted more time to it, IMHO.)

I was 9 years old in 1968, and had a boatload of politically-attuned older kin with whom I lived, including several in what I now call the “moron years” (teens), and it was powerful. I don’t claim to understand the details, but even as a tyke I understood what a big deal it was and the horror and the sadness. I had been through it as an even less aware, but pretty bright 4 year old when the same thing happened to JFK. Why are all the adults so freaked out?

I suppose that is the best I could’ve made of November 23, 1963 at the time.

Matthews is a weird, hard-to-pin-down guy, and I guess that’s why I can’t help myself. I don’t like to be pinned down myself.

Very few bloggers, and nobody in the “real” media of any significance have expressed adequately how frightened I am for Barack Obama and his family. Humans have a very fucked up history of dealing with their charismatic leaders.

Hope is an incredibly risky thing to promote. It makes me very, very sad. Promoting hope, if I may, is audacious.

Beware The Man. Also, freaktard psychopaths.

Mrs. Greenspan, Chris, and Pat Buchanan tackle the touchy issue of uneducated voters of low income who look at race when considering their vote.

Watch Crooks and Liars for the video. Though I’m sure this one is going to be all over the place.

The tension actually woke me up from a nap. It was funny and weird. Pat, of course, was arguing that people are supposed to vote racist, or that black people voting for the first ever possible black President are themselves racist, whereas white people who told pollsters race was a factor in their vote was the same. Or something. It got pretty tense, and in the end, remarkably real for TV.

It’s gonna be one interesting summer and fall.

I’ll see if I can find this gem myself as soon as possible.

Update: Bingo! God I love the internet.

Update 2: A great measure of how far the conservative movement has fallen is my gradual gain of “respect” for Pat Buchanan. He’s a brilliant man in many respects, a terrific historian, and most of all, he’s honest and forthright about his own rotting, archaic soul. I appreciate that.

He hates Hillary.  I mean, weirdly so.

This is so patentedly absurd it is barely worth passing along, but you know, information is generally a good thing.

I suggest you read the last link in the story to get a feel for just how personal Matthews’ characterization of Hillary has been.

Count me in among the zillions of political junkie-to-the-point-of blogging-non-Hillary supporters who thought the coverage of her was so over-the-top bad it made me want to vote for her.  Not that I will, in the primary, but still. 

My post-mortem is that the racists and the pissed off women won NH for Hillary.  And possibly the kids who still believe in the Corporate Media (Walter Cronkite should be very proud; he’s dying awfully hard, as evidenced by how many people still believe the crap the Corporate Media tells them) when they told the kids it would be a blowout for their man.  And so they went to a bar instead of, you know, voting. 

What a hassle that voting thing is.

I watch Hardball every night (I know, I know, but I just can’t help it) and I can confirm that everything The Daily Howler is howling about here is right on.  It is rather spectacular, in a mall-shooting kind of way.

Matthews HATES Hillary.  And so do the rest of the pundocracy, and boy do they like their storylines, true or false.