And a duh.

Gaffney, as I’ve noted before, is an instant channel-changer guest for me. Bat shit nuts. That he is taken seriously is a national embarrassment.


I can only speculate, but now I have to think Frank Gaffney is Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location. Or that perhaps Frank Gaffney is actually Dick Cheney in disguise.

He’s the chickenhawk’s chickenhawk. I’ve never seen him be anything but blood-lustily despicable.

Think Progress, that wonder of a website, has some audible video.

I’m living in some sort of alternate universe, and I can’t get out. It’s like being way higher than you want to be for far longer a time period than you can deal with.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis boldly asserts the campaign will not be about “issues.” (Which possibility, for the record, I think is quite realistic and am truly frightened of, though I don’t seem to be as proud of it as Rick is.)

Hilzoy catches a gem from one of the most scary people on the planet, Frank Gaffney, who never met a war he didn’t like nor had to fight, on VP-elect Palin’s foreign policy experience. Through osmosis. No kidding.

I’m sure glad I have November 5th booked as a day off work. I’m going to need it, one way or another. If McCain wins, I may need some more.

Every time I see this guy Frank Gaffney on my television, I want to scream.  Partially because some people think *I’m* crazy, but mostly because Frank actually IS crazy, and people listen to him.

Often by choice!