Should be a great game. I’m a bit of a Sooner fan from way back, so I’m sure I’ll find myself leaning their way. Plus I like upsets, even small ones.

If OU can get to Harrel, OU wins. But every time I watch Tech, they figure out a way to exploit the other team’s weakness, and not only that, the opponent’s global plan. Leach is a helluva coach.

No predictions on this one. I think it will come down to a play or three.

Update: OU, FL, TX, and TTech are clearly the best four teams in the country.

Have you lost a lot of money in the market this year? Bet the house, wife, and kids on the FL-AL SEC Championship game if the line is less than 10. FL is going to beat the living crap out of AL, unless my expert football opinion is horribly out of whack.

(Which is rarely the case when I’ve watched enough of both teams. I have.)

One other thing: Penn State could beat any of them on a given Saturday. JoePa has been screwed too many times.

Update 2: Uh, OU, one would have to conclude, is a bit better than TX Tech. At least after one half. And we’re going to see how much better FL is than AL when the time comes. Book it.

Update 3: Emergency caveat. If I was a real expert, I would have had this game as an OU blowout. So take my financial advice for what it is worth, me not being a professional financial advisor of any kind. Take AL.

And your chances.