…are in full bloom.

These instincts are the fundamental reasons behind my opposition to the bailout. (And I can’t begin to describe to you how weird it is to be siding with the GOP House, and trust me, it raises a lot of questions in my own mind about my own opinion.)

I just plain don’t believe our institutions of power, and the last 8 years, to put it delicately, haven’t exactly restored a whole lot of faith in those institutions.

If someone came forward with a bill that put $700B of even borrowed money into health care, infrastructure, and alternate energy investment, and challenged the electorate to choose that or the bailout of Wall St., I don’t think it would be close.

I believe both Obama and McCain when they say things will go horribly bad if a bailout isn’t passed, but I think they have to consider what they’ll be faced with from a political and economic perspective should either win, and that softens my valuation of their attitudes and stated opinions.

The problem is, I don’t care anymore. Let it burn. Invest the money somewhere else. The markets may just take care of themselves, long-term, if said money is invested in stuff that actually impacts more people more directly.

I grew up poor, was poor until my late 20’s, and was fabulously happy during the vast majority of that time. I think I can do it again.

I’m also strangely imbued with a personality trait that allows me to accept a good deal of pain if the payoff is that my pain-inflictors will suffer more if I can hang tough.

Call the bluff.

Monkeyfister’s open letter to Obama pretty much sums up a good deal of what I feel. Right on, is all I have to say.

Update: I’m turning into a stupid, semi-literate IOZ. He gets it better than all of us. I become more and more convinced. I hope we’re both wrong.

Update: And here it is, the explanation of my complete lack of faith, done all smartly and shit by Hunter at DKos.