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This about sums it up.

Adding that I just LOVE Elizabeth, for her intelligence, courage, and straight-talk, which makes McCain’s look like a carnival barker in comparison.

The Democrats are about to cave again, this time on granting retroactive immunity to Telecom Man for violating the law and handing over your personal information so that we could expand the no-fly list to 750,000 poor souls, listen to your phone calls without a warrant, and generally just do some “Scooter Libby justice” (thanks, Barack) to those of us who don’t have connections, power, fame, or wealth.

It would be nice to see both Obama and Clinton go to Washington and actually do some Senatoring, and help Chris Dodd stop this bill from passing.  You can lend your support through a couple of clicks here.

This is an issue that rubs both right and left Regular Average Joe the wrong way.  Different justice for different levels of power, money, and influence.

And, because I try to be a friendly blogger, here’s where you go if you make those clicks.  Want to tell Edwards to call Obama and Clinton out on it?  Go here.

Prefer a more direct route?  I’ve got that for you, too.  ObamaClinton.

Hillary, Barack?  How about doing some actual leading, instead of, well, you know, just talking about it?

Update:  Most people just don’t understand, nor could they or should they given the complexity of subject and the worries that take necessary priority in their own lives, just how truly evil and corrupt and morally bankrupt these people are.  But you now don’t have much of an excuse, since you don’t have to go anywhere or do much to be heard.

This may be the first year in my lifetime that the “horse-race” is all that matters.  Policy, schmolicy.

It’s change vs. the status quo, and even the GOP has it figured out, and it is early.

The GOP’s problem is that none of them are really advocating any change from a policy standpoint.  “Lower taxes!”  “9-11!”

Hillary is probably right in that she can work the levers of change the fastest, and perhaps even the most effectively.  Obama is right that it will take a whole new paradigm to accomplish any change.  Edwards is right that entrenched, monied interests will not negotiate, and must have their necks stomped on.

When the independent votes are counted tomorrow and Wednesday, we’ll see how much this theory holds.  If Obama gets enough of them to steal the primary for Romney, there’s a darned good chance the party is over for the GOP.

This year, all most folks want is something different.

And so it goes that I have another thing to thank George W. Bush for.

Nicely done, here.

Thanks to corrente.

The reason more people won’t vote for Edwards is that the Corporate Media, like all status-quo Power Organizations, is threatened by him.

This is also the reason I like him.