Too tired to live or care. Great day in the John O household. He actually manages to look ugly in this picture, uncovered junk and all, but really he is quite handsome.

Rag Doll City

Not near as much fun as I can do when I figure out how to work this thing.

Update: “I am NOT a MORON!” More to follow, and more fun, hopefully. Pretty cool little device. I didn’t open it 30 minutes ago, and that’s shot in pretty low light.

A little better. Battery charged.

P.S. The optics will be interesting if Obama pulls HCR out of the death-spiral it seemed to be in. If he/they don’t front-load some “this is good for me’s” they are effed no matter what, the GOP will make things even harder to pass after the ’10 elections, via their standard savage demagoguery, and maybe we’ll get closer the next time.

Lots of it going on at my house these days. Can’t wait to get my Flip. Stella is just dangling the toy around for some tug-of-war, and it’s fun to watch.

Dweezil snuck out the door today sans leash, and I was scared, but fortunately he didn’t go far, and I live in a low-traffic neighborhood.

You're in over your head

Go ahead, take it

Stella will kill you if you attack one of hers. If you don’t have a steak handy, anyway.

Do not eff with my big ass

Dog-sitting with my nephew dog, who is Marley in real life, like the book Marley. Endlessly sweet, but completely nuts, a big, strong, big yellow lab. Classic bull in a china shop stuff. On our trial run, the big girl put the hurt, literally by accident more than once on the puppy, but the puppy LOVED the big girl, (SteLLLLAAAaa!) and the big girl was obviously quite fond of the puppy. About 60 minutes later, it was clear the puppy had more endurance for play than Stella did. Should be great “what it’s all about” fun.

Blurry photo update to come after 8 if I am able.

It’s a mismatch

Dweezil and Stella

Update: Both ate, peed, and dropped a deuce. Playtime. Another serious ass-whipping. It’s pretty cute when the puppy runs behind me and starts barking smack in a high-pitched puppy way.

Heavyweight vs. Lightweight

He sure looks good, now I know he is good.

Fit as a fiddle

Good thing I don’t have many to bore.

Sleepy on Daddy

Sometimes you don’t get good scale.

I’m a happy camper.

Dweezil and most of my hand. He should be a medium-sized dog.

He's about 8 lbs.

Sleepy Dweezil

Update: I just love him. It takes a dog person.