It wasn’t hard for me to agree with the Dixie Chicks, even if a degree or three separated (not famous, not from TX, not being interviewed by Diane Sawyer on national TV and such), because I’m more or less a free-speech absolutist–I would repeal the “fire in the theater” exemption on grounds of increased technological and media-savviness* in the larger world–but mostly because Bush embarrassed me, too, so they were speaking for me.

This should not be a problem for any American.

So the difference between what the DChicks endured and what Rush and Sean have endured is rather striking, and not very encouraging. Poor Glenn is suffering, though. (Stipulating that Glenn is sane, here, which I admit is a stretch.)

Update: Just a ginormous stretch.

*Update 2: Long, unexplained, unfinished thought. Suffice it to say I’m sorry for the confusion caused by my own lack of skill.