Really, even prosecuting them like you and I would be prosecuted for hit and run is detrimental to society.

It’s interesting to know I’m going to be just old enough to watch us go down the toilet. Comforting, really.

We are in one weird place in world history.

Jesus Christ.

Digby and Glenn have more.

Update: Major confession: These things wouldn’t be a bad idea, just in case the right-left thing gets too out of hand. I would just point it like I golf:

If you’re worried about hitting the tree, aim at it.

Joe Klein has had a very bad day. The following is an e-mail to an old school political activist Uncle of mine, about the Instantly Legendary formerly-anonymous blogger aimai’s recent encounters, both in person and on-line, with the Legendary Liberal TIME Magazine pundit. Sometimes the blogosphere is mean and calls him, “Joke Line.” But he’s on TV all the time, and has a print circulation of a few million, so His Opinion Must Not be Questioned.

Starting…NOW! The e-mail to my uncle.

It turns out aimai is the granddaughter of one I.F. Stone, with whom I’m not familiar but bet you are.

Aimai and Joe at a party.

Joe, on Swampland today.

Aimai, in response.

Glenn, trying to stay above the fray.

Lots of hilarious stuff on other blogs, too.

Update: I just cannot get over how people of a certain age, sociopolitical stratosphere, or mentality have not yet understood that everything is in the record now. Baffling. Uh, everyone? We can pretty much literally now, “go to the tape.”

I’ve been reading aimai’s commentary on several very intelligent blogs I read regularly for a year or two at least, and it is a little creepy even to me how defensive I feel for her. Taking on The Man is Serious Business. But mostly when I read aimai’s work/play, I think, “Boy, she sure is a lot smarter than most people.”

And here’s another thing! Nothing has become more clear to me than the glaringly obvious fact that there are better writers doing better journalism, entertainment, and intellectual debate out there than those thrust upon us without consent. See, “Joe Klein.”

House secret: I once got to ask a prominent and relatively straight (and to me) respectable journalist a very direct question after she’d had a coupla popsicles: “You folks want an articulate liberal voice? Why don’t you hire Digby?”

Terse: “We’re not going to hire Digby.” Me: “Why not?” No answer to that one.

Her next topic was, I shit thee not, “We want you back as subscriber.”

Update 2: Joe Klein is a corporate liberal. I hate being embarrassed for people, even Joe.

Why I’m not a Democrat, part 10 zillion. 90 to fucking 6?

So the question pretty much boils down to one of two conclusions: Our captured “terrorists” (we should probably keep in mind that some of these people are innocent. Always read Digby, Einsteins.) have Superpowers, thus are able to break out of our harshest prisons by morphing themselves into clouds and drifting over the fences, impervious to the bullets.

The other one is maybe this: We don’t want to expose ourselves to more embarrassment via our pristine and deified justice system (OJ!) when some of these folks are able to prove themselves innocent against the non-existent charges.

I’ll admit it: Being imprisoned for something I didn’t do, or even just thought, is more or less fetish-horror-porn to me. My worst nightmare.

Update: A clever third possibility is that Obama is orchestrating this to shore up his cred on the Right. I will not put this kind of thing past him ever again. He’s smarter than I am, and I like it. Bush was not, and I hated it. This has nothing to do with Party.

Nicely distilled here, by the ever-brilliant and truly wonderful Digby.

I want to break things when Big Media Man speaks for me. They know jack about what it is like to worry about money, or anything related to money, like, say, health care. And if our Media Superstars have souls, nor do their families.

I know my loyal dozens miss me, but I’ve been completely floored by events professional, personal, and political.

So I’ve been trying to channel my blogging energy, such as it is, into grassroots persuasion. It hasn’t gone well.

Some great links to feed your need:

The great Heywood J on the conservative movement in general.

Atrios sees a good idea in action.

John Cole on the difference between socialism and capitalist nirvana.

Digby being Digby. Beware The Man.

Kos on the GOP’s ongoing fact-challenged based world view.

Kos again, on earmark reality.

Steve Benen and Greg Sargent ask a few questions of the leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, thrice married, ex-drug addict, sex-trade Viagra-packing champion of the family values party. His ultimate answer isn’t very coherent. So I hope he’s still off the hillbilly heroin.

Matt Yglesias with a simple view of the stimulus proposal, and a nice post about how it all fits together, which any moron should be able to see.

Structural change, which I believe is sorely needed, doesn’t come easy. If things get bad enough, I expect violence and horror. That’s usually how big change comes. Thank FSM for living in the U.S., where at least our odds are a little better at avoiding it.

I firmly believe things are going to be horrid for at least two years, for all of us little people. So, I can accept that, on the condition I have a shiny new economy at the end of the tunnel. Supertrains, accessible health care even without a job, the world’s leading exporter of green energy technology, modernized schools, roads I don’t have to slalom past potholes a la your average world-class Alpine skier, bridges that don’t collapse on me, broadband everywhere I go, et al. I’ll take the pain for the gain.

I’m just not sure the Limbaugh party will let it happen.

Thanks to the good Dr. at Eschaton.