C’mon, Mr. Phelps. It can’t all be done from the top.

What Michael Phelps and his publicists SHOULD be saying.

Hat tip to Scott at LGM.

Update: Open letter to Michael Phelps:

Dear Mr. Phelps,

You’ve done something no one else has done, ever, and you’re 23 years old. Why don’t you spend 3-5 years being what would in the political discourse be described as loony-tunes for something you and about 30 million Americans know is sane?

You got some big political bank, dude. People are going to find it hard to argue with you if you simply call it like you see it.

In short, your choice is being exponentially more polarizing with the knowledge you’re espousing a point of view that millions share, but dare not speak its voice. Millions will love you even more than we already do, but even more millions will vilify you. I understand it has cost.

But you have the virtues of being on the correct side, and in a unique position to move the Overton Window.

Thanks for the thrills and pride. And smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Also, enjoy the babes and money. You earned it the American way. You worked for it.


Update 2: The brilliant and ever lyrical Poor Man Institute gives you a tasty-lick of my link.



Your modern GOP in essence.

If McCain wins in November, i predict a large spike in the suicide rate. Now, if these suicides were “rational,” such as they can be, I’ll be proud, to the extent each individual suicide is rational. Not too many of them will be.

However, my own personal suicide involves a visit to Washington, DC, a whole bunch of randomly placed around the Mall (since to be most effective the Mall in DC is the place to do it) CD’s or some form of fungible “suicide letter” to which much national attention would be focused. Imagine what it would be like if a bunch of people decided to take themselves out this way.

At some point, you have to be willing to stop hiding behind your blog. Not that the only choice is offing yourself, but if you really want to make a point, don’t do it from your blog, if you’re hopeless and desperate enough. A better idea, in simple practical terms, is to show for the TV cameras.

Atrios posts not one, but two “Please just kill me” observations in one day. I always find myself feeling the same way when I read them. Being older, less successful, and more single than Duncan, though, my guess is that I want it more.

Phoenix Woman on the media’s abhorrent, abject hypocrisy on how Clinton was treated vs. how Bush has been treated when it comes to perceived crimes and, you know, real country-impacting ones. Perhaps the GOP strategy of “Scandal Saturation” has worked on our fearless journalists as well as it has on the public. Journalists are just people not doing their jobs, too.

Speaking of someone not doing their job (unless it is to ridicule us DFH’s and advance the GOP meme that this election is about Obama and not, say, the future direction of the country), Nicole Bell takes TIME’s Mark Halperin out to the woodshed and beats him like a slave in GOP FantasyLand, a.k.a., the “good old days.”

Which leads us to this gem by curv3ball about those infamous ungrateful traitors, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, the two Olympians who raised their fists in protest at the 1968 Olympics. Curv3ball is using the inimitably stupid J. Goldberg as his muse so he might be kinda sorta stoopid cherry-picking, but I enjoyed it a lot anyway.

Finally, and because this one was conveniently located above curv3ball’s post, and not because there isn’t a lot more stoopid to go around, The Editors reminds us of something so transparently obvious it should be spoken about all the time, particularly on the Great Tube of Learnin’ which so many of McCain’s base relies on for information, but isn’t, that the NY Times actually points out in print.

Which doesn’t matter at all because the low information voters (morons) McCain is so cravenly courting don’t read the NY Times.

Strange times, indeed.