Just read it.

And, thank you very much, Glenn. I bought your book, though I have to admit I’m too scared for my own mental health to read it. Yet.

This has the distinct stench of Nixonian politics to me, and considering this bunch of flagrant lawbreaking major government figures makes the Nixon gang o’ thugs look like amateur pikers, I gotta think this is a story to keep an eye on. I mean, do the fucking math.

Lots and lots of political enemies of the White House seem to be experiencing a bizarre number of run-of-the-mill crimes.

Read and check for yourself.

Update: What am I thinking? The “real” news will never tackle this. Big Corporate Media can’t even handle the story of their own selves paying ex-Generals money to whore for the Administration.

Update 2: Yo, Brian! I’m not some dude sitting in my underwear in Momma’s basement. In fact, I’ve worked in Corporate America about as long as you have.

Goddamn, the number of major media figures I respect just gets picked off by their own immorality and lack of introspection, one by one. It’s very discouraging.

Brian Williams needs to get a grip. He’s a big anchor on NBC.

Here’s the funny version.

Here’s the serious one, fact-loaded and reference-rich.

One by one, the pundits lose my respect. Shorter B.W.: Trust us.

Yeah, sure. You’ve earned so much of it.