You know, outside #1, #4 is probably my favorite Constitutional right.

I’m not violent, I’m not even heavily involved in politics beyond my seldom read blog, exclusively done from the comfort of my own couch, and my carefully guarded wallet, because I hate the Dems for being sissies and believe all Power does, in the end, is try to get more. And the Donks can’t even do that competently.

But I’m not a complete idiot, and there will be no Republicans that get my vote this fall, and I’ll vote if it is my last day on earth.

I just want to be left alone, which was once a Republican principle. I’m ashamed of the Democrats who want to grant immunity for the well-documented and obscene violations of these Constitutional rights, and I’m downright offended by the GOP’s capitulation on the matter, given their “small government,” “judicial ‘constructionist‘” ideals.

I should know better: Money talks. For failing to understand the bottom line, I deserve some scorn.

I’m no threat to anyone. Mom’s non-violence principles sit deep. It hurts me to eat meat, though I can’t (yet) help it; it pains me to watch the leaves fall from the trees, even though I know and love the fact that death and renewal are an essential part of life.

My country is dying. I will live with it, not in the least because I’m not particularly scared of either of us dying, but I don’t have to embrace my country’s death, even if I have to embrace my own, which is why I’m a member of Obama’s largest and fastest growing web group, why I’ve pledged never to cough up more money because of his FISA cave, and why I’ll probably vote for the semi-insane Barr in the general, living in IL and having the luxury of voting my conscience in the general. All in all, a very, very sad situation.

There are quite a few youngsters in my life to whom I’d like to leave a better country. Call me nutty.

I keep trying to convince otherwise sane people we’re heading towards a police state, and they just look at me like I’m nuts. I guess they think it will never happen by sitting on their own asses.

Sadly for just about everyone I know, I like saying “I told you so.” Sadly, for me, “I told you so” will be small comfort inside an Executive dictatorship.

I may not even remind anyone.

4 years of clean-up at minimum, which will provide the GOP time to paint the next 4 years, a looming disaster even with Jesus Himself at the helm, as the Democrats’ fault to the drooling moron homophobic, racist, uninformed, frankly stupid GOP base, without whom the GOP would be dead.

It’s very sad.


Why, I did not know that!

Fascinating, indeed. I haven’t validated it yet, because it doesn’t really matter in fact, but it matters one hell of a LOT in principle.

Just as an aside, regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on gun ownership today, we outlawed jarts in 1988. I don’t have a real dog in this particular fight; being sort of a Bill of Rights purist, I tend to interpret it liberally. But how about we start applying the same sense to the 4th?

That must be different.

Further proof that you don’t have to be a genius to be on the Supreme Court.

(For the record, I couldn’t verify that Revere sodomized Ross with a few quick Google searches (or Revere’s dick). But why would that surprise anyone if it was true? It isn’t exactly like we invented sodomy. And what difference would it make anyway? Most of us want to sodomize someone from time to time, for an infinite variety of reasons, and most of us also don’t want it publicized, provided it was consensual.)

See, our Founding Fathers took a good look at history, and they were beyond qualified to do so, and figured it out: So they came up with an idea that can be easily distilled: Beware The Man.