One would think the Bears have this game in hand.

That same one would be a moron. Too early to tell.

I love me some must win situations.

It’s anyone’s game, except that it is also the Bears’ to lose. Such is the life of sports.

4th down on a tough call in the 3rd Q. Inches.

INSTANT live-blog!:

First down. *yawn* Still a long way to go for 6/7.

3 points for NO and the Bears win this sequence. Touchdown, Saints, and it’s suddenly a big game again.

Fantastic! Just as I was about to hit, “publish,” some lineman picked off a Brees throw! Luckily!

This game is three first downs from over. For the most part.

Inside football: Us Bear fans LOVE us some Forte.

Update! Interception, NO! It’s a game again. I love sports.

Update 2: TD, NO. It is, as the great Dan Jenkins said, “cunt on cunt out there.” (Semi-Tough is the funniest, most politically incorrect book ever, if you don’t consider that B.J. Bookman, the female protagonist, is the perfect woman.)

We got us a great game.

Update 3: 4th Q. I predict NO wins, or covers (-3) at least. The Bears are leaking oil. 13:00 left.

NO gets 3 at least. The Bears need 28 to win, IMHO. They only have 21.

NO gets 3. Bears need first downs, and lots of ’em, to win, or more personally important, cover. The good news is that the the 4 point Bears lead is more likely to cover.


Bears go 3 and out. They suck, truthfully. !!!!! Fake punt! Incomplete! Sorry, I need a red flag on this one! I think Peterson was down WITH the ball in hand! Right on! Nothing like leaving things up to the zebras!

What a funny game. By my read, it’s a completion. The TV Gods don’t buy it. Sadly, by definition, they’re morons, even though they might be right here.

Zebras. I say bullshit call. He had the ball when he hit the ground. Oh well. Now it’s really a game.

Fantastic! The Saints go outside on 4th down! To quote the decreasingly great SNL bit, “Bad Idea Jeans!”

For some reason, Kyle Orton, the Bears QB, decided to throw a pass right to an NO defender. Not a good play. Fortunately, Shockey dropped a can o’ corn. 2nd and 10. Loss. Great play by Alex Brown. 3rd and 13. Nice play by NO. Picked up the blitz, and 1st down inside the 10 of the Bears. 3 is only half-good.

3rd and 7, 3:10 to go, NO with no timeouts. You could call it a big play.

TD NO. They’ll probably win. Nice job, Bears. Also, FU. Not that it makes a difference in El Photo Grande.

Well, it’s 4-down territory, and the Bears only need 3 to tie. Could be looking at OT. But that would be good.

Update infinity: Plenty of time, but the Bears to my chagrin throw on 1st down. Bad offense. Run, run, run, with this much time on the clock. Hester for a 1st down. Run, run, run the fucking ball, and the fucking clock. Nah, they throw again and it’s incomplete, leaving 2nd and 10. Stupid.

3rd and 5, 1st down. Two minutes left.

Update infinity sqaured: Two first downs, and it should be no worse than OT. Plenty of time for 6. Will R. Turner handle it? I say, “no.”

Run. The. Ball. Up their ass.

1st down, even though they’re not running the friggin’ football. 2 timeouts. They’re choking, even while moving the ball.

What shitty clock-management. 19 seconds left when they could have had a full minute. Oops, good challenge. I don’t think it is 1st down, not that it matters much.

1st down. 12 seconds. Lucky no pass interference on 1st down. 2nd and goal, 7 seconds. Sack. Should be OT.


Nothing worse than a push for me outside of a freak play. That’s not so bad. OTOH, I sure would like the Bears to have a chance for playoff material.

OK! Reset! Two timeouts each, 15 minutes, Bears win the toss. Not good.

And I’m one of those strange Chicagoans who wants both the White Sox and the Cubs to do us proud, every year.

Now, that being said, my dream season is a Cubs-White Sox World Series in which it goes 7 games, and the Cubs win the 7th by 10, or by a home run by the pitcher in the 9th from the Cubs.

So I’m watching the Sox game, it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 7th, thus a true great nail-biter.

Go, White Sox! A World Series between the Cubs and W.Sox increases our odds of a 2016 Olympics at least a little.

I loves me some pitching duels. Great game. Sphincters tightening all over the place, including among multi-million dollar athletes.


Update! Thome hits one a mile into the center field bleachers! I loved the man even when he was a foreigner, baseball-wise. He plays the game like it should be played.

Update 2: Sox win, 1-0. Great game. Let the apocalypse begin.