The reason this man doesn’t have a job writing for a major publication is a microcosm of why I think we should Beware The Man. The Man don’t want no little people pointing out the clusterfuck that is The Man’s creation.

This is, as usual, brilliant, funny, and cutting.

The fact that none of our Men (including the Obama Administration) are telling us where the money we’re stuffing down the throats of the very same people who got us into this mess is VERY disturbing to me, because I’m pretty sure that means we’re a LOT closer to the edge than The Man wants to tell us.

Yes, folks, there is a reason (or perhaps reasons) that none of our bailout recipients are willing to tell us where all that cash is going, and any you can come up with are really bad news. Try it, in the context of the public having a “right to know” (LOL!) where its own money is being spent.


My man has been storing some stuff up, and as usual it is very good.

He gets it. Even better, he can write it.

With all due respect, fuck you, David Denby. The little people are pissed off, and out here in the hinterlands, “fuck you” is fairly normal discourse, even with people we like. “Civil,” even. Usually just funny, laughter being a key part to maintaining some level of sanity as we count on the morons who drove the bus into the ditch to fix the whole fucking mess from their glorious perches above us, worrying not about what most of us actually experience.

Snark, ridicule, is all we have. And I’m sorry for you, Mr. Denby, that there are so many so good at it.

Here’s a thought, D.D. Release your financial profile, and maybe we’ll consider your vapors more seriously, if we can see that you are relatable from the actual real life place most of us live.

Until then, you’re just another sanctimonious, pretentious, out-of-touch dick who doesn’t get it.

Update: The link embedded in the link above is such a terrific and ironically brilliant example of high-art snark that it needs to be re-linked. One you might not want to miss, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

It is a lovely piece of asking the old man yelling at you to get off his lawn, “Why? We’re not hurting anything. For some reason, you just think we are. You’re too mean and creepy for us to stick around long enough to hurt your perfect lawn, and your dog kind of enjoys the attention. Oh, and congratulations for raising a great dog. Because, you know, that’s really hard.”

Update 2: Oh, and Mr. Denby? Hungry sick hopeless homeless people are not going to be too interested in civil discourse with you, should you ever run into a pack of them. I hope for both of us that doesn’t happen, and I mean that in the most civil way.

I know, nothing new there, but the reason I’m so bearish on the future of this country is that what she says is so transparently obvious, yet Media Man along with our “leaders” in Washington DC have managed to shift the debate to the Little People who build cars and organize workers, and all you hear (with a few exceptions) from the collective pair of gasbags named above is about the auto industry bailout, while there is sadly little taking to the streets and setting banks on fire outside of the voices in the blogosphere doing it, and not literally, as we’re a peaceful bunch.

2009 is going to make 2008 look like a workers’ paradise.

I was in an all-employee meeting within the past year or so, held to deliver bad news in an “open and honest” dialogue, town-hall meeting style. Maybe 300-400 attendees. We’re told several things, among them that we’re closing a line of business, and increasing our outsourcing. There was a microphone passed around so people could ask questions.

I had my hand up for a long time, patiently waiting for my turn. But as other questions were answered while I was waiting, the rationalizations for doing what we were doing started to pile up, and the hypocrisy started to grate, and by the time I got the microphone, I was really mad.

So, when the HR dude handed to me, I asked, “It is well known that our European and Japanese counterparts pay their executives far less than we do here in America. Are we looking to outsource any of our senior leadership? Oh, and can you share with us the last year that your bonus was ‘0?'” (One of the things that got me mad was an answer from this guy that included the line, “My bonus could be 0.”)

You could feel a breeze with the amount of air sucked out of the room by the audience gasp. I knew I’d stepped in it again.

And sure enough, I was pretty badly abused by all the management for a good coupla-three weeks. But, getting back around to the point, for those same three weeks people I didn’t even KNOW were coming up to me and thanking me, and high-fiving me, and generally just saying, “Right on.”

Are “we” so intimidated and discouraged and beaten down by The Man that we can’t even voice public agreement when The Man is challeged? Is Media Man so far in the tank for The Man they can’t even bring this stuff up as a central point in the country’s anger?

It sure seems like it to me. It is incredibly disturbing and discouraging.

Update: Right on cue, Barnicle and Cramer address it on Hardball. Too bad nobody watches the show.

Contempt and mistrust of The Man is everywhere now, and I think unstoppable as a change agent.

There are absolutely zero centers of power that are held in widespread esteem at this point in our world history.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Especially if, you know, most of us survive it.

A great little story on the ever-nonsensical and counterproductive War on Drugs.

The police get busted. Oops!

The definition of bad government is spending billions of taxpayer dollars on a problem to make it worse, or at minimum, no better.

Prohibition. Does. Not. Work.

…are in typical order for this wonderfully accurate portrayal of The Man by Heywood J.

As someone who has intimate familiarity with large bureaucracies, it has never stopped amazing me that The Man require no particular skills beyond those personal and political, within whatever power vacuum these people try to fill.

Sure, they’re usually brighter than average. Some in fact are very, very bright.

But it doesn’t matter. Once these folks become above it all, Masters of the Universe, looking down from on high upon those of us who don’t share their need for domination, alleged expertise or an ability to deal with what happens in real life as consequences of their decisions is simply another academic exercise in spreadsheet balancing. And guess who pays the tab to get the spreadsheet in order?

Because there are never consequences for the rich and powerful (look no further than your national media corps, or, say, ANYONE in the Bush Administration) no matter how badly they fuck up, no matter how many times they get it wrong, no matter how much carnage is left in their wakes.

…are in full bloom.

These instincts are the fundamental reasons behind my opposition to the bailout. (And I can’t begin to describe to you how weird it is to be siding with the GOP House, and trust me, it raises a lot of questions in my own mind about my own opinion.)

I just plain don’t believe our institutions of power, and the last 8 years, to put it delicately, haven’t exactly restored a whole lot of faith in those institutions.

If someone came forward with a bill that put $700B of even borrowed money into health care, infrastructure, and alternate energy investment, and challenged the electorate to choose that or the bailout of Wall St., I don’t think it would be close.

I believe both Obama and McCain when they say things will go horribly bad if a bailout isn’t passed, but I think they have to consider what they’ll be faced with from a political and economic perspective should either win, and that softens my valuation of their attitudes and stated opinions.

The problem is, I don’t care anymore. Let it burn. Invest the money somewhere else. The markets may just take care of themselves, long-term, if said money is invested in stuff that actually impacts more people more directly.

I grew up poor, was poor until my late 20’s, and was fabulously happy during the vast majority of that time. I think I can do it again.

I’m also strangely imbued with a personality trait that allows me to accept a good deal of pain if the payoff is that my pain-inflictors will suffer more if I can hang tough.

Call the bluff.

Monkeyfister’s open letter to Obama pretty much sums up a good deal of what I feel. Right on, is all I have to say.

Update: I’m turning into a stupid, semi-literate IOZ. He gets it better than all of us. I become more and more convinced. I hope we’re both wrong.

Update: And here it is, the explanation of my complete lack of faith, done all smartly and shit by Hunter at DKos.