Andrew argues that the occupy Wall St. folks aren’t going away, and even agrees to cough his fair share up in what I consider an accurate analysis.

I fear, however, that The Man has already consolidated too much power. The protestors will be worn out by the unending barrage of anti-protest spin from our Corporate Millionaire whores in the mainstream media, surely knowing who butters their bread, as it were; bereft as the OWS folks are of their own corporate media channel; winter, and most of all, an inability to move the chains within the attention span of your average American, as we say in (American) football. There are new TV shows to watch.

I just don’t see a happy ending here, w/r/t the OWS movement, or the country at large. We’ll be in gated, moated, heavily guarded communities first, at least the few who can afford it will. The rest of us will be “free market.” Free range. Free agent. IOW, with lots of time on our hands.

Security services seem like a very good long term investment to me.

From old media to new media. The Man resists, and water is wet.

Big stuff in the blogosphere today. But it has wider ramifications. If my personal opinions, cherry-picked, were published for all to see, it might be a pretty funny and biting collection, but that collection would not necessarily be appreciated by all. And if my livelihood was threatened by it, well, that would be a revenge-worthy offense, indeed.

Context. Shorter: Washington Post employee hired to cover the new Right gets forced out because someone leaked his private e-mail.

More context.

Kudos to Andrew for picking out the consensus on this one among sane people. By all accounts, the guy did a good job.

Except for the other people hurt, I can relate to the motives if not the method of the airplane-suicide in Austin.

Sooner or later, The Man becomes a bit too full of shit for some people. Not me, of course. Especially the hurt or dead strangers. You’ll see a lot more of this kind of thing in a 10% (conservatively) unemployment rate world.

Taking others out is just wrong. But if you compare it to this, you may be able to see it as I do.

Update: This is even worse: I think every terminally ill person with a political axe to grind should take themselves out on the Capitol steps. (Yes, this is very weird.)

Update: IOZ, as usual, says it way better than I could.

…in the proverbial heartbeat. The Man brought him down because they didn’t like what he was saying, found his weakness and took retrospectively highly competent advantage of it.

He hits me in my finance/economy sweet-spot, and I don’t care who he fucks. Nor do I even pretend to care who he fucks. Who he fucks is ridiculously “micro,” meaning, no impact on me. I don’t care who his wife fucks, either. I don’t even care who their daughters fuck, once they’re all growed up, which by God’s definition is 11-13, the laws’ definition 18…

(This Wiki entry is kind of funny):

Each US state has its own age of consent. Currently state laws set the age of consent at 16, 17 or 18. The most common age is 16.[10]
age of consent 16: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia
age of consent 17: Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Texas
age of consent 18: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
These state laws are discussed in detail below. [Ed: California and Utah?]

…and my own definition somewhere near the latter in terms of my preferred age of consent, but the bottom line is that it is always a particularly personal decision when no one is forcing anything upon the other.

I’m quite pro-fuck, on balance. You know, figure out what is possible for you in terms of fuck, and walk the talk. I don’t care what that is. Wanna be a virgin ’til matrimony? Have at it! Just don’t be someone everyone knows is a slut on the side. It’s not complicated.

Guess that makes me a minority.

(In honor of Thers. He and those he loves had a shitty 2009, sure, just like the rest of us oldish folks who managed to make it through 2009. Things move, thank FSM, fuckin’-ay.)

…a bit of a junkie to even get this, but for this amused junkie (For politics! All right, nicotine, too.) this particular bit struck a nerve. I simply do not understand Club Membership.

I hate it when things are over-simplified, as I simultaneously try to support simplification both professionally and personally from a structural point of view. The complexity is all there because The Man needs us to be preoccupied enough with the details to the point we’re too busy to check out of the Big Picture, and not to care about what The Man is really pulling off.

Time is finite.* We just can’t ingest all the details, and The Man preys on it.

Life is complicated, except for the important stuff. I don’t think it’s a real big coincidence that most major religions by and large are on the same page when it comes to the important things in life.**

*Update: Regarding the time is finite remark, this is the space Religion Man wields His (and oh yes, it’s virtually ALL, “His”) Manhood. Religion Man tries to turn time infinite on you.

**Update 2: In principle, not behavior.

…who hooked me up with a blogger I’ve never read, goes by the name of ladypoverty.

It took all of three posts read to understand She Gets It.

Welcome aboard. Sorry I don’t get read, either.

You do what you can.

Update: “He.” Sorry, didn’t go through the profile the first time.

I watched Matthews tonight, I’m watching Olbermann as I type, and I haven’t seen word ONE about Stewart’s interview with Cramer last night, even though it DID make the front pages of several prominent “news” outlets. Christ, my Mom heard about it on the radio. WGN talk radio in Chicago.

Disappointing, for sure, but entirely consistent with my world view.

No question at all the gag order is in effect.

Fight it, or slave for it. That’s pretty much what we’re down to.

Update: E-mail to

I found it awfully amusing, if terrifying, that the gag order was clearly in effect when it came to even your liberal shows not uttering a word about the Stewart-Cramer interview last night.

It’s a new world, and you should adapt to it. A desperate clinging to power is very unappealing. Think, “Mugabe.”

I watch Matthews almost religiously, I watch Olbermann from time to time especially lately, and I love the Maddow show because she’s just so damn smart and polite.

No WAY do they not talk about the Interview without orders not to do so.

With all due respect, fuck you. You’re missing a big money-maker, and that is the absolute rage felt by people on all sides of the political spectrum about reverse welfare. A corporation that can’t capitalize on widespread public rage deserves no investment.


John O

Update 2: Holy shit! Here’s a prediction I would bet the wife and kids on, if I had any: Shep Smith is not long for FOX “News.” This is VERY funny stuff. HUGE hat tip to John Cole for this work of art.

Update 3: Kudos to NBC. They’re floating a trial balloon with Maddow, to see if what she has to say sells, because she’s the first NBC employee to mention The Interview on TV air that I know of. I retract, if only a little since they’re still controlling who says what, my e-mail to NBC. Thank God they’re still curious about capitalism!

Update 4: Kudos are also in big order for Shepperd Smith at FOX. He MAY actually have a brain and conscience.

Update 5: Fuck you, NBC. You were OK with Rachel referring to it, but not talking about it. What a bunch of rich prick asshole anti-free speech losers you are.