Why, I did not know that!

Fascinating, indeed. I haven’t validated it yet, because it doesn’t really matter in fact, but it matters one hell of a LOT in principle.

Just as an aside, regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on gun ownership today, we outlawed jarts in 1988. I don’t have a real dog in this particular fight; being sort of a Bill of Rights purist, I tend to interpret it liberally. But how about we start applying the same sense to the 4th?

That must be different.

Further proof that you don’t have to be a genius to be on the Supreme Court.

(For the record, I couldn’t verify that Revere sodomized Ross with a few quick Google searches (or Revere’s dick). But why would that surprise anyone if it was true? It isn’t exactly like we invented sodomy. And what difference would it make anyway? Most of us want to sodomize someone from time to time, for an infinite variety of reasons, and most of us also don’t want it publicized, provided it was consensual.)

See, our Founding Fathers took a good look at history, and they were beyond qualified to do so, and figured it out: So they came up with an idea that can be easily distilled: Beware The Man.