Fun. My third concert ever, circa 1978. I’ll never disrespect him after that show.

A blast from your musically-closeted past.

Just admit it if you are of a certain age: You dug Neil. (As you should have.)



In my own defense, there were a lot of women in attendance as well, and several of the finest were with me (us).

No, really.

Until about ten seconds ago, for some reason I had always assumed Taylor Swift was a man.

How did The Who’s Leeds show not get captured and sold on video?

I’ve been searching for treadmill music, remembered this one, downloaded it, and still think it is the best live show ever captured on tape.

Complete with chatty and funny personal interaction, it is an awesome work of a really good band at the peak of their power.

RIP, Richard Wright.

I love this tune.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for reminding me of this gem.

I still say the greatest guitarist of all time. Yes, I’m man enough to admit my man-crush on Jimmy. I just love his work, his versatility, and his all-around stage coolness.

You had to see him a coupla times like I did to really appreciate him. Better than Clapton at moving his feet, better than Hendrix when it comes to breadth of style, better than anyone on the guitar, ever.

I loves me some genius. Happy Labor Day, everyone.

Just passed along because it really made me laugh.

Commentary on a Lyle Lovett concert review. I saw Lyle once with Bonnie Raitt, and it was fantastic, in the interest of full disclosure. I am so clearly, like, totally hip-ish, at least. And I didn’t even notice the lack of intermission!

I loves me some Sadly, No!

The craptacular quality of, well, just about everything media-related these days is overwhelming me, and I need a break from it all.


The classic version here.

Fabulous. And then there’s this one.

I hardly know a woman who doesn’t love that song. And it was written about a certain girl! She’ll go down in history of as one of its great muses.

What an amazing life she must have. I think she’s a very underrated “All-time dinner guest” candidate.

It’s also a very interesting tale about how the lives of the rich, beautiful, famous and inspiring are not that different from everyone else’s.

This stuff is amazingly fascinating to me.

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