The great furniture device of learning tells me that it is somehow newsworthy that another high-profile, high achieving man had an affair with a younger, sexy, smart climber-type. Two high-achievers getting horizontal together apparently comes as quite a shocker in the Beltway.

This is historical news. Listening to David Gergen, “close friends” with them both, was a gut-wrenching experience in awkwardness. No shit, Dave, they’re both human beings.

When are we going to understand the human condition a little better? People like to get laid for an infinite variety of reasons, and it usually just isn’t much more complicated than that. But you’d think the space station crashed into New York City the way CNN is treating it. Sure, it’s interesting that it’s the Devout and Sainted ex-general and head of the CIA, but I’m guessing Paula is a good little Republican and self-described “patriot” from her bio so I doubt any major breaches of national security occurred.

Christ. What a yawner.

Update: Better put.