I am not a woman, so won’t have to face the prospect of bearing a child without choice. Even if I’m raped. Because Freedom.

I am not employed, but have a little money saved up which will likely grow faster, and be taxed less, should Mittens win. So I’m also not poor, and have very much what I need in terms of material possession.

I am white, so I won’t have a POTUS who further rolls back any rights us poor white people have gained over the years.

I am not yet able to qualify for Medicare, but should be 55 by the time Mittens eliminates it and he says, and I believe everything he says, that those of us over 55 won’t be impacted by the screwing that’s going to come. In the meantime, I’m insured, unlike the 10-30 million who won’t be should Obamacare be repealed.

My unemployment will run out soon, no matter who wins.

I am not gay, so don’t have to worry my pretty little head over that issue, either. I can still marry if I ever find someone to do it.

I am not a soldier, nor am I a veteran, so my odds of getting killed, or worse, in another fake war are reduced along with having my veterans benefits cut.

In my lifetime, trickle down economics has never worked, unless by “worked” you mean to establish deficits don’t matter (Unless there’s a Dem in the WH) and that you can run up some economic growth on the credit card. Maybe people will finally figure it out this time if Mitt goes all Super Bush on us economically, which I believe he is inclined to do. In the meantime, I should be able to make some money off of it as noted above.

I’ll miss the idea of Supertrains, though we really don’t know how Mitt will govern, and he’s been liberal before.

A Mitt win will be great for comedians. He’s a walking cringe-maker.

It’ll be terrible for the country, though. Possibly a fatal blow, which is what I still think the second Bush Administration may have been, and so far I’ve been right.

It takes way longer to fix things than it does to break them.

Now, I just watch.