I think Romney will “win” the debate tonight, because his expectations are so low, and because of what Kevin Drum points out here. The “liberal” media has a hugely vested interest in a close race.

As long as Romney isn’t overcome by flop sweat that could short-circuit his hard drive, doesn’t blow a face-diode, or drool himself, or admit he’s all about the 53%, the news media will declare the winner to be Mitt. And this race will be close as a result.

I’ll be watching the infotainment extravaganza, but mostly just for laughs. I’ll never vote for a guy with Mitt’s background again. Too out of touch. OTOH, a Romney win will mean the death of trickle down economics, forever, and we’ll only have to deal with him for 4 years. He’s a Walking Cringe.

Update: Told ya.