September 2012

“One of us can throw a football.”

That these people are reliable Republican voters is, as they say, a bit of an understatement.

And they’re all fucking geniuses!

What we need in this country is more representation for morons.

Crazy Christian convicted bank fraudster makes movie to make Muslims mad. Crazy Muslims riot over it, kind of proving Crazy Christian’s point, IMHO. But Islam, let’s not forget, is a good 700 years younger than Christianity, and Christianity is still 200 years behind actual life and culture, plus Christianity has not exactly had both hands on the wheel when it comes to moral authority over the millennia.

Crazy Jews call for war to stop war in the Middle East.

Update: And still people eat that shit up.

It’s difficult. I have the opportunity to start over, from root to tulip, with a business opportunity in Southern CA. I hated SoCal the one time I was there, but I was in LA. SF I dug.

I wouldn’t be in LA. Closer there, though, than SF.

The opportunity suits me, except for my native risk-aversion and fear in general.

Just for fun. Nothing better to do, and the man plain cracks me up almost every time. He’s good at what he does. Maybe I can make something funny and/or insightful out of it all.

We begin. Well, within 15-20 minutes or so. Right this second, there seems to be a nontroversy about God going on…all I can say to save some of your time is, “I don’t care.” And disengage. Now I’m watching MSNBC, because I feel like hearing something I want to. Plus the Big Dog can Eat. First, and most. In a lot of ways, he’s my favorite living POTUS, including when he was POTUS. Full disclosure: I don’t care who blows him.

7:00: Chuck Todd on MSNBC, blowing MSNBC. (Existential question: What’s the difference between a real blow job and a metaphorical one?)

I hate C. Todd. Just not personally. He just did some numbers for the most part this time. Whitey against non-whitey stuff. Secretly hilarious poll data.

Big Dog probably not on until 8:00 CDST. Back then.

7:57: Apparent that WJC won’t be on for a while. Sudden question of whether or not I can stay awake through the bullshit, though the Sister got on it and spoke to it, for me anyway. Spiritually speaking.

8:20: *yawn*

8:23: *YAWN*

Mayor of LA boring me. TV boring me. Must…hang…on. Warren first. triple *YAWN*

8:47: Endurance contest now.

Shorter WJC:




Well, I can’t do it. Too tired. I’ll watch it in bed if it’s compelling enough.

…it will be because the GOP nominated about the shittiest candidate they could for the times.

ANOTHER rich little brat born on third and learning* that he hit a triple, who is used to patronizing the Lessers and giving orders.

I suppose it will be interesting.

*Update: “…learning, through life itself, that he hit…” The fucker has had “Help” to talk down to since he was born.

I was a clever little boy, and Mom had to do a paper on Ayn Rand, for a college class or something, so I believe I was in my teens when I first read it. Close, in any case.

It had a huge impact on me while I was in my 20’s, the ensuing decade where I read it or most of it at least 4 times. I was all about it. In part, it turned me into the weird guy I am today.

Then, apparently, I got a little older. The heroes and protagonists in Rand’s novels are about as realistic as those in the Batman series. Even “Love” is rationalized, when ol’ Hank gives up on Dagny because John Galt is so much more perfect. Uh huuhhhh.

We’re about to elect leaders who believe that the Lord of the Rings is an instructive tale for government.

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