There is a striking absence of actual thoughtful debate about the real consequences of Iran getting the Bomb, and I just don’t understand why the default setting of our Presidential candidates of both parties, VSP’s and Media Man seems to be that if they get one, they’ll use it. There is a what I see as a common assumption they’re the kind of country that would drop one on unsuspecting Japanese Israeli cities.

This is folly. 60% of Iran’s population resides in just 4 population centers. Hell, our submarine fleet alone could wipe out the entire country in about an hour.

They’re not suicidal, and they’re not stupid. They’re belligerent and kind of dicks, the ruling Iranians, but they know they’ll be all gone if they actually use the fucking thing.

This starting a war to prevent a war stuff is very creepy in a distinctly Orwellian way. And it is everywhere. CW in the extreme.

Iran will be no threat with the Bomb, no more than N. Korea is. If I were the West I would just say, a bit more diplomatically of course, “Go ahead and waste your money on building one. Use it and you’re going to transformed from a lot of sand to a sheet of glass. You will cease to exist.”

And then move on to the next problem, preferably the Israeli-Palestinian one. Seems to me that one might be key.